What were the dinosaurs




What were the dinosaurs


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What were the dinosaurs


What were the dinosaurs?


Dinosaurs were a branch of Class Reptilia

Features of dinosaurs:

  • Laid shelled eggs (occasionally fossilised)
  • Some cared for their young (fossils found showing nests of eggs with adults close by, family groups)




  • May have been warm blooded
    • May have required a high metabolism to support size & level of activity
    • Blood flow through bones, bone growth patterns support warm-blood


  • Herbivores & carnivores
  • Only lived on land
    • Some related reptiles lived in water- ichthyosaurs
    • Some related reptiles flew/glided- pterosaurs



Dinosaurs evolved to fill almost all ecological niches- large, small, herbivores, carnivores.



Dinosaurs are classified into two groups: lizard-hipped & bird-hipped.


The Saurischia (lizard-hipped) dinosaurs have the three main bones of the hip girdle arranged with the pubis (front bone) pointing forward (like reptiles).

  • Theropods- predatory dinosaurs
  • Sauropodomorphs- very large, long-necked, herbivorous dinosaurs



The Ornithischia (bird-hipped) dinosaurs have the hips similar to that of modern, but not fossil, birds. All of the ornithischians were herbivores.

Examples: stegosaurus, anklyosaurus, triceratops, bipedal dinosaurs like iguanadon





66 million years ago, all dinosaurs became extinct except for a group of theropods which had evolved into birds.


The real reason for dinosaur extinction…

Current evidence is that a meteorite caused volcanic activity and climate change (KT event). The earth was hotter and drier, and large organisms didn’t have enough food to survive.


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What were the dinosaurs


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What were the dinosaurs


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What were the dinosaurs