Common and botanical names of common woods




Common and botanical names of common woods


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Common and botanical names of common woods


COMMON NAME                      BOTANICAL NAME


A canot, Gommier                    (Dacryodes excelsa)

A charm, Kelel                          (Campnosperma brevipetiolata)

A fruits, Goyavier                     (Psidium guajava)

A petites feuilles, Akossika       (Scottellia kamerunensis)

A pluie, Arbre                           (Pithecellobium saman)

A pluie, Arbre                           (Samanea saman)

Aba                                         (Lophira alata)

Abababite                                (Poulsenia armata)

Abachi                                     (Triplochiton scleroxylon)

Abacu                                      (Tieghemella heckelii)

Abale                                       (Combretodendron macrocarpum)

Abam                                      (Chrysophyllum africanum syn. Gambeya africana)

Abang                                     (Chlorophora excelsa)

Abang                                     (Chlorophora regia)

Abas                                       (Psidium guajava)

Abbihal                                    (Erythrophloeum densiflorum)

Abe                                         (Canarium schweinfurthii)

Abebay                                               (Entandrophragma utile)

Abel                                        (Canarium schweinfurthii)

Abem                                      (Berlinia acuminata)

Aben                                       (Berlinia grandiflora)

Abenbele                                 (Pouteria izabalensis)

Abeubegne                              (Entandrophragma angolense)

Abeul                                       (Canarium schweinfurthii)

Abey                                       (Jacaranda copaia)

Abin                                        (Combretodendron macrocarpum)

Abing                                      (Combretodendron macrocarpum)

Abnus                                      (Diospyros ebenum)

Abo Emido                              (Uapaca sp.)

Abogo                                     (Isoberlinia doka)

Aboonkini                                (Samanea pedicellaris)

Aborbora                                 (Nesogordonia papaverifera)

Aborzok                                   (Mammea africana)

Aboudikro                                (Entandrophragma cylindricum)

Abrico do para                         (Mammea americana)

Abricot                                    (Mammea americana)

Abricot de Saint Domingue       (Mammea americana)

Abricot des antilles                   (Mammea americana)

Abricot du pays                                   (Mammea americana)

Abricoteiro                               (Mammea americana)

Abricotier                                 (Mammea americana)

Abricotier d'Amerique               (Mammea americana)

Abura                                      (Mitragyna ciliata)

Abura                                      (Mitragyna stipulosa)

Abure                                      (Licania macrophylla)

Abure                                      (Licania sparsipilis)

Acacia                                     (Acacia mollissima syn. A. mearnsii)

Acacia                                     (Albizia lebbeck)

Acacia                                      (Albizia procera)

Acacia amarilla                         (Albizia lebbeck)

Acacia male                             (Parkia pendula)

Acacia, Black                           (Acacia decurrens)

Acaciarosada                           (Cassia javanica)

Acadia franc                            (Enterolobium schomburgkii)

Acaiba                                     (Spondias mombin)

Acajou                                     (Khaya grandifoliola)

Acajou                                     (Swietenia macrophylla)

Acajou Amerique                      (Swietenia macrophylla)

Acajou Blanc                            (Simarouba amara)

Acajou blanc                            (Cedrela guianensis)

Acajou blanc                            (Khaya anthotheca)

Acajou d'Afrique                      (Khaya anthotheca)

Acajou de Cuba                                   (Sickingia salvadorense)

Acajou de Cuba                                   (Swietenia mahagoni)

Acajou de St. Domingue                      (Sickingia salvadorense)

Acajou de St. Domingue                      (Swietenia mahagoni)

Acajou grandes feuilles            (Khaya grandifoliola)

Acajou rouge                           (Cedrela guianensis)

Acajou rouge                           (Cedrela huberi)

Acana                                      (Manilkara bidentata)

Acana                                      (Pouteria izabalensis)

Acana                                      (Pouteria pomifera)

Acapu                                      (Vouacapoua americana)

Acapurana                               (Andira inermis)

Acau                                        (Hura crepitans)

Accituno                                  (Simarouba amara)

Aceite                                      (Calophyllum brasiliense)

Aceite                                      (Copaifera multijuga)

Aceite cachicamo                     (Calophyllum brasiliense)

Aceite de Cayeput                    (Melaleuca leucadendron syn. M. quinquenervia)

Aceite maria                             (Calophyllum brasiliense)

Aceite, Palo de                        (Copaifera multijuga)

Aceite, Palo de                        (Prioria copaifera)

Aceite, Palo de                        (Tetragastris sp.)

Aceitillo                                               (Zanthoxylum flavum)

Aceituna blanca                                   (Symplocos martinicensis)

Aceituna cimarrona                   (Symplocos martinicensis)

Aceituna, Vera                          (Bulnesia arborea)

Aceituno                                  (Simarouba amara)

Acha                                        (Diospyros ebenum)

Achar                                       (Buchanania latifolia)

Achenichen                              (Polyscias ornifolia)

Achi                                         (Brachystegia laurentii)

Achi                                         (Gossweilerodendron balsamiferum)

Acrot                                       (Aleurites moluccana)

Acuapar                                   (Hura crepitans)

Acuminata                                (Entandrophragma angolense)

Adaan                                      (Albizia procera)

Adada                                     (Cylicodiscus gabunensis)

Adau                                       (Lophopetalum javanicum)

Adirondack spruce                   (Picea glauca)

Adjouaba                                 (Dacryodes buettneri)

Adjouaba                                 (Dacryodes le testui)

Adoum                                    (Cylicodiscus gabunensis)

Adza                                        (Baillonella toxisperma)

Afambeou                                (Dialium dinklagei)

Afara                                       (Terminalia superba)

Afara, Black                             (Terminalia ivorensis)

Afina                                       (Strombosia glaucescens)

Afina                                       (Strombosia pustulata)

Afo                                          (Poga oleosa)

African Tulip                             (Spathodea campanulata)

African black camphorwood, E.            (Ocotea comoriensis)

African blackwood                   (Dalbergia melanoxylon)

African camphorwood, East      (Ocotea usambarensis)

African celtis                            (Celtis adolfi-friderici)

African celtis                            (Celtis mildbraedii)

African celtis                            (Celtis soyauxii syn. C. zenkeri)

African cordia, West                 (Cordia platythyrsa)

African corkwood                     (Musanga cecropioides)

African crabwood                     (Carapa procera)

African cypress, East               (Cupressus sempervirens)

African ebony                          (Dalbergia melanoxylon)

African greenheart                    (Cylicodiscus gabunensis)

African grenadilo                      (Dalbergia melanoxylon)

African homalium                     (Homalium dolicophyllum)

African mahogany                    (Khaya anthotheca)

African mahogany                    (Khaya grandifoliola)

African mahogany                    (Khaya ivorensis)

African mahogany                    (Khaya nyassica)

African mahogany                    (Khaya senegalensis)

African mahogany, Heavy         (Khaya grandifoliola)

African olive, East                    (Olea hochstetteri)

African padauk                         (Pterocarpus soyauxii)

African padauk, Brown             (Pterocarpus angolensis)

African pearwood                     (Baillonella toxisperma)

African pencil cedar                  (Juniperus procera)

African pterygota                     (Pterygota bequaertii)

African pterygota                     (Pterygota macrocarpa)

African rosewood                     (Guibourtia coleosperma)

African tuliptree                                    (Spathodea campanulata)

African walnut                          (Lovoa klaineana)

African walnut                          (Lovoa trichiliodes)

African whitewood                    (Triplochiton scleroxylon)

African zebrawood                   (Microberlinia brazzavillensis)

Africano, Tulipan                      (Spathodea campanulata)

Africanum, Prunus                    (Pygeum africanum)

Africian canarium                      (Canarium schweinfurthii)

Afrormosia                               (Pericopsis elata)

Afzelia                                     (Afzelia africana)

Afzelia                                     (Afzelia bipindensis)

Afzelia                                     (Afzelia pachyloba)

Afzelia                                     (Afzelia quanzensis)

Afzelia, White                           (Afzelia pachyloba)

Afzelia, Yellow                         (Afzelia bipindensis)

Aganokwe                                (Mimusops heckelii syn. T. heckelii)

Aganokwe                                (Tieghemella heckelii)

Agara                                      (Dalbergia sissoo)

Agaru                                      (Dalbergia sissoo)

Agathis                                    (Agathis moorei)

Agathis                                    (Agathis robusta)

Agathis, Indian                         (Agathis alba)

Agathis, Kauri                          (Agathis borneensis)

Agathis, Kauri                          (Agathis obtusa)

Agaunai                                   (Trema orientalis)

Agba                                       (Gossweilerodendron balsamiferum)

Agboin                                    (Piptadeniastrum africanum)

Aggai                                      (Dillenia pentagyna)

Agil, Vella                                (Dysoxylum malabaricum)

Agil, Velley                              (Dysoxylum malabaricum)

Aglaia                                      (Aglaia gigantea)

Aglay                                       (Chukrasia tabularis)

Agogo                                     (Carapa procera)

Agoho                                     (Casuarina equisetifolia)

Agoko                                     (Casuarina equisetifolia)

Agracejo                                  (Gossypiospermum praecox)

Agua, Barilla de                                   (Micropholis guianensis)

Agua, Barilla de                                   (Micropholis melinoniana)

Agua, Palo de                          (Vochysia hondurensis)

Aguacatillo                               (Nectandra sp.)

Aguano                                               (Sickingia salvadorense)

Aguano                                               (Swietenia macrophylla)

Aguano                                               (Swietenia mahagoni)

Aguaras                                   (Tetragastris altissima)

Aguarras                                  (Tetragastris sp.)

Aguarras                                  (Tetragastris sp.)

Aguay                                      (Pouteria pomifera)

Agulasing                                (Aglaia gigantea)

Ahoke                                      (Symphonia globulifera)

Ahorn                                      (Acer campestre)

Ahun                                        (Alstonia congensis)

Aibu                                        (Syzygium buettnerianum)

Aiele                                        (Canarium schweinfurthii)

Aimela                                     (Syzygium buettnerianum)

Aimpem                                   (Helicostylis tomentosa)

Ainee                                       (Artocarpus hirsuta)

Aisarufa                                   (Syzygium buettnerianum)

Aiyanepelo                               (Artocarpus hirsuta)

Aizella                                      (Intsia bijuga)

Aizella                                      (Intsia palembanica)

Aji                                           (Clarisia racemosa)

Ajo                                          (Cordia alliodora)

Ajo, Arbol del                           (Cordia alliodora)

Ajunado                                   (Andira inermis)

Ají                                           (Caryocar villosum)

Ak elel                                     (Rhizophora mangle)

Akaba                                      (Tetraberlinia bifoliolata)

Akagaouan                              (Bombax brevicuspe)

Akatio                                      (Chrysophyllum africanum syn. Gambeya africana)

Ake                                         (Pterygota bequaertii)

Ake                                         (Pterygota macrocarpa)

Ake                                         (Testulea gabonensis)

Akeche                                    (Antiaris toxicaria)

Akewe                                     (Testulea gabonensis)

Akite                                        (Swartzia fistuloides)

Akle                                         (Albizia procera)

Akleng parang                          (Albizia procera)

Ako                                         (Antiaris africana)

Ako                                         (Antiaris toxicaria)

Ako ire                                     (Funtumia africana)

Akoga                                     (Lophira alata)

Akok                                       (Beilschmiedia letouzeyi)

Akok                                       (Beilschmiedia mannii)

Akolodo                                  (Brachystegia laurentii)

Akolodo                                  (Brachystegia zenkeri)

Akom                                      (Terminalia superba)

Akomu                                     (Pycnanthus angolensis)

Akondoc                                  (Nauclea diderrichii)

Akossika                                 (Scottellia coriacea)

Akossika a petites feuilles        (Scottellia kamerunensis)

Akot                                        (Drypetes gossweileri)

Akoua                                      (Antrocaryon klaineanum)

Akoua                                      (Antrocaryon micraster)

Akouapo                                  (Sacoglottis gabonensis)

Akowaa, Penkkwa                    (Entandrophragma candollei)

Akpa                                       (Tetrapleura tetraptera)

Akuk                                        (Khaya grandifoliola)

Akuk                                        (Khaya ivorensis)

Akuk                                        (Khaya senegalensis)

Akumaba                                 (Nesogordonia papaverifera)

Akume                                     (Guibourtia demeusei)

Akume                                     (Guibourtia pellegriniana)

Akume                                     (Guibourtia tessmannii)

Akun                                        (Uapaca heudelotii)

Akwakwa                                 (Oxystigma oxyphyllum)

Alalangad                                (Albizia procera)

Alamag                                    (Aglaia gigantea)

Alampona                                (Hibiscus lasiococcus)

Alaska cedar                            (Chamaecyparis nootkatensis)

Alaska larch                             (Larix laricina)

Alaska yellow cedar                  (Chamaecyparis nootkatensis)

Alawatta-moelerie                     (Samanea pedicellaris)

Alazano                                   (Calycophyllum candidissimum)

Alazano, Guayabo                    (Calycophyllum candidissimum)

Albarco                                               (Cariniana integrifolia)

Albizia                                     (Albizia zygia)

Albizia, White                           (Albizia falcataria syn. A. falcata)

Albizzia                                    (Albizia falcataria syn. A. falcata)

Albizzia                                    (Albizia gummifera)

Albizzia                                    (Albizia procera)

Albizzia, Tall                             (Albizia procera)

Alcanfor                                   (Protium decandrum)

Alcarreto                                  (Aspidosperma desmanthum)

Alcarreto                                  (Aspidosperma megalocarpum)

Alder                                       (Alnus glutinosa)

Alder                                       (Alnus nepalensis)

Alder                                       (Alnus rubra)

Alder, Black                             (Alnus glutinosa)

Alder, Common                                    (Alnus glutinosa)

Alder, Grey                              (Alnus nepalensis)

Alder, Indian                             (Alnus nepalensis)

Alder, Nepal                             (Alnus nepalensis)

Alder, Oregon                          (Alnus rubra)

Alder, Pacific coast                  (Alnus rubra)

Alder, Red                               (Alnus rubra)

Alder, Western                         (Alnus rubra)

Alelaila                                     (Melia azedarach)

Aleli                                         (Melia azedarach)

Alep                                        (Desbordesia pierreana)

Alerce                                      (Fitzroya cupressoides)

Alexandrian laurel                     (Calophyllum inophyllum)

Alfaro                                      (Calophyllum brasiliense)

Alga                                        (Hymenaea courbaril)

Algarrobo                                (Hymenaea courbaril)

Algarrobo                                (Pithecellobium saman)

Algarrobo                                (Samanea saman)

Algarrobo de olor                     (Albizia lebbeck)

Algarrobo de orejas                  (Enterolobium cyclocarpum)

Algarrobo de pais                    (Pithecellobium saman)

Algarrobo de pais                    (Samanea saman)

Algodon de manila                   (Ceiba pentandra)

Aligna                                      (Afzelia africana)

Aligna                                      (Afzelia bipindensis)

Aligna                                      (Afzelia pachyloba)

Alilaila                                      (Melia azedarach)

Alla                                          (Carapa procera)

Allen ele                                   (Microberlinia brazzavillensis)

Alm                                         (Ulmus glabra)

Alm, Vanlig                              (Ulmus campestris)

Alm, Vanlig                              (Ulmus procera)

Alma Negra                              (Swartzia benthamiana)

Almaciga                                 (Agathis alba)

Almaciga                                 (Agathis borneensis)

Almaciga                                 (Agathis moorei)

Almaciga                                 (Agathis obtusa)

Almaciga                                 (Agathis philippinensis)

Almaciga                                 (Agathis robusta)

Almaciga daminara                   (Agathis alba)

Almacigo                                 (Bursera simaruba)

Almacigo blanco                      (Bursera simaruba)

Almacigo colorado                   (Bursera simaruba)

Almendrillo                               (Caryocar villosum)

Almendro                                 (Andira inermis)

Almendro                                 (Bertholletia excelsa)

Almendro                                 (Buchenavia capitata)

Almendro                                 (Caryocar glabrum)

Almendro                                 (Dipteryx odorata syn. Coumarouna odorata)

Almendro                                 (Terminalia amazonia syn. T. obovata)

Almendro                                 (Terminalia amazonica)

Almendro cimarron                   (Andira inermis)

Almendro de rio                                   (Andira inermis)

Almendrón                               (Caryocar villosum)

Almesca                                  (Tetragastris sp.)

Almon                                      (Shorea contorta)

Almon                                      (Shorea leprosula)

Almon                                      (Shorea leptoclados)

Almon                                      (Shorea smithiana)

Almond, Bitter                          (Pygeum africanum)

Almond, Wild                           (Pygeum turnerianum)

Alméndro                                 (Caryocar villosum)

Aloe                                        (Excoecaria agallocha)

Aloma                                      (Nauclea diderrichii)

Alona wood                             (Lovoa klaineana)

Alona wood                             (Lovoa trichiliodes)

Alone                                       (Bombax brevicuspe)

Alone                                       (Bombax chevalieri)

Alpine fir                                  (Abies lasiocarpa)

Alstonia                                               (Alstonia congensis)

Alstonia mergalang                   (Alstonia angustifolia)

Alstonia mergalang                   (Alstonia scholaris)

Alstonia mergalang                   (Alstonia spatulata)

Alstonia, Palimira                     (Alstonia scholaris)

Alui                                          (Erythrophleum guineense)

Alui                                          (Erythrophleum suaveolens)

Aluppe                                     (Bassia latifolia)

Alves, Goncalo                        (Astronium fraxinifolium)

Alves, Goncalo                        (Astronium graveolens)

Ama apa                                  (Couma macrocarpa)

Amabilis fir                              (Abies amabilis)

Amacey                                   (Tetragastris altissima)

Amansamujer                           (Prioria copaifera)

Amapa doce                            (Brosimum utile)

Amapa prieta                           (Tabebuia serratifolia)

Amapa rana                             (Bagassa guianensis)

Amapa rana                             (Brosimum rubescens)

Amapa rosa                             (Tabebuia rosea)

Amapola                                  (Pseudobombax elipticum)

Amapola                                  (Spathodea campanulata)

Amarante                                 (Peltogyne paniculata)

Amarante                                 (Peltogyne porphyrocardia)

Amarante                                 (Peltogyne venosa)

Amaranth                                 (Peltogyne porphyrocardia)

Amaranth                                 (Peltogyne venosa)

Amarela                                   (Phoebe porosa)

Amarela, Guariuba                    (Clarisia racemosa)

Amarela, Oiticica                      (Clarisia racemosa)

Amarela, Tatajuba                     (Clarisia racemosa)

Amarelao                                 (Bagassa guianensis)

Amarell, Sapupira                     (Hymenolobium excelsum)

Amarella, Jequitiba                   (Cariniana integrifolia)

Amarello                                  (Aspidosperma peroba)

Amarello                                  (Chlorophora tinctoria)

Amarello                                  (Euxylophora paraensis)

Amarello                                  (Plathymenia reticulata)

Amarello, Jacaranda                 (Machaerium villosum)

Amarello, Pau                          (Euxylophora paraensis)

Amarelo                                   (Bagassa guianensis)

Amarelo                                   (Chlorophora tinctoria)

Amargo blanco                        (Ormosia monosperma)

Amargo, Cedro                        (Simarouba amara)

Amargosa                                (Aspidosperma peroba)

Amarilla, Acacia                                   (Albizia lebbeck)

Amarilla, Ceiba                         (Hura crepitans)

Amarilla, Ciruela                       (Spondias mombin)

Amarilla, Goma                        (Vochysia lehmanni)

Amarilla, Goma                        (Vochysia tomentosa)

Amarilla, Leche                         (Symphonia globulifera)

Amarilla, Moena                       (Aniba duckei)

Amarilla, Moena                       (Aniba sp.)

Amarilla, Mora                          (Chlorophora tinctoria)

Amarillo                                   (Buchenavia capitata)

Amarillo                                   (Chlorophora tinctoria)

Amarillo boj                             (Buchenavia capitata)

Amarillo carabazuelo                (Terminalia amazonia syn. T. obovata)

Amarillo carabazuelo                (Terminalia amazonica)

Amarillo, Chcharron                  (Terminalia guyanensis)

Amarillo, Mamey                      (Mammea americana)

Amarillo, Palo                          (Chlorophora tinctoria)

Amarillo, Palo                          (Phyllostylon brasiliensis)

Amarillo, Roble                        (Quercus alba)

Amarillo, Roble                        (Quercus bicolor)

Amarillo, Roble                        (Quercus coccinea)

Amarillo, Roble                        (Quercus macrocarpa)

Amarillo, Roble                        (Quercus michauxii)

Amarillo, Roble                        (Quercus palustris)

Amarillo, Roble                        (Quercus stellata)

Amarillo, Roble                        (Quercus velutina)

Amarillo, Roble                        (Quercus virginiana)

Amarillo, Zapote                       (Pouteria izabalensis)

Amarillo, Zapote                       (Pouteria pomifera)

Amasey                                   (Tetragastris sp.)

Amazakoue                              (Guibourtia ehie)

Amazoue                                 (Guibourtia ehie)

Ambahu                                   (Cecropia peltata)

Amberoi                                   (Pterocymbium beccarii)

Ambora                                               (Tambourissa thouvenotii)

Amboyna                                 (Pterocarpus indicus)

Ambugis                                  (Koordersiodendron pinnatum)

Amburana                                (Amburana cearensis)

Amendoim                               (Pterogyne nitens)

American ash                           (Fraxinus americana)

American ash                           (Fraxinus pennsylvanica)

American basswood                 (Tilia americana)

American beech                       (Fagus grandifolia)

American beech, South             (Nothofagus sp.)

American birch                         (Betula alleghaniensis)

American black ash                  (Fraxinus nigra)

American black walnut              (Juglans nigra)

American cedar, Central                        (Cedrela odorata)

American chestnut                    (Castanea dentata)

American cordia, Light              (Cordia alliodora)

American ebony                       (Diospyros virginiana)

American elm                           (Ulmus americana)

American holly                         (Ilex opaca)

American hornbeam                  (Carpinus caroliniana)

American larch                         (Larix laricina)

American lime                          (Tilia americana)

American linden                                   (Tilia americana)

American muskwood                (Guarea excelsa)

American muskwood                (Guarea grandifolia)

American muskwood                (Guarea trichiliodes)

American plain                         (Platanus occidentalis)

American planetree                   (Platanus occidentalis)

American red gum                    (Liquidambar styraciflua)

American red oak                     (Quercus rubra)

American sumac                       (Rhus typhina)

American sycamore                  (Platanus occidentalis)

American tulipwood                  (Liriodendron tulipifera)

American walnut                       (Juglans nigra)

American whitewood                 (Liriodendron tulipifera)

American, Cordia, Light            (Cordia gerascanthus)

Amerique, Acajou                     (Swietenia macrophylla)

Amesclao                                (Tetragastris altissima)

Amongian                                (Pygeum turnerianum)

Amoora                                               (Amoora cucullata)

Amoora, New Guinea                (Amoora cucullata)

Amoora, Solomon Island          (Amoora cucullata)

Amor platonico                        (Albizia lebbeck)

Amorauan-ago                         (Vitex turczaninowii)

Amot tamaga                           (Cassia javanica)

Amugan                                   (Pygeum turnerianum)

Amugis                                    (Koordersiodendron pinnatum)

Amunu                                     (Podocarpus guatemalensis)

Amunu                                     (Podocarpus neriifolia)

Anabiong                                 (Trema orientalis)

Anacaguita                               (Sterculia apetala)

Anacahuite                               (Cordia gerascanthus)

Anamenila                                (Lovoa trichiliodes)

Anandio                                   (Chrysophyllum africanum syn. Gambeya africana)

Anang                                      (Diospyros pyrrhocarpa)

Anang gulod                            (Diospyros inclusa)

Anani                                       (Symphonia globulifera)

Ananiwana                               (Hieronyma laxiflora)

Anapla                                     (Albizia procera)

Anatolia                                   (Pterygota bequaertii)

Anatolia                                   (Pterygota macrocarpa)

Anaura                                     (Licania macrophylla)

Anaura                                     (Licania sparsipilis)

Anchoan                                  (Cassia javanica)

Andaman gurjun                       (Dipterocarpus grandiflorus)

Andaman padauk                     (Pterocarpus dalbergioides)

Andaman redwood                   (Pterocarpus dalbergioides)

Andaman thingan                     (Hopea odorata)

Andiroba                                  (Carapa guianensis)

Andirobeira                              (Carapa guianensis)

Andirobeira branca                   (Carapa guianensis)

Andirobeira vermelha                (Carapa guianensis)

Andjek                                     (Ongokea gore)

Andjung                                   (Monopetalanthus heitzii)

Andofiti                                               (Vitex micrantha)

Andok                                     (Irvingia gabonensis)

Andoum                                   (Antiaris africana)

Andoum                                   (Antiaris toxicaria)

Andoung                                  (Monopetalanthus heitzii)

Andoung de heitz                     (Monopetalanthus heitzii)

Andoung, Eko                          (Tetraberlinia bifoliolata)

Anegre                                     (Aningeria altissima)

Anegre                                     (Aningeria dombeyi)

Anegre                                     (Aningeria robusta)

Anesita                                    (Melia azedarach)

Angale                                     (Poga oleosa)

Angaria                                    (Phoebe hainesiana)

Angatuan                                 (Alangium meyeri)

Angelica tree                            (Dendropanax arboreus)

Angelim                                   (Andira inermis)

Angelim                                   (Dinizia excelsa)

Angelim carvao                        (Dinizia excelsa)

Angelim do para                       (Hymenolobium excelsum)

Angelim ferro                           (Dinizia excelsa)

Angelim pedra                          (Dinizia excelsa)

Angelim pedra verdadeiro         (Dinizia excelsa)

Angelim rajado                         (Marmaroxylon racemosum)

Angelim vermelho                     (Dinizia excelsa)

Angelim, Cabbage                    (Andira inermis)

Angelim, Copahiba                   (Copaifera multijuga)

Angelim, Para                          (Hymenolobium excelsum)

Angelina                                  (Genipa americana)

Angelique                                (Dicorynia guianensis)

Angelium                                 (Enterolobium schomburgkii)

Angico prieto                           (Anadenanthera macrocarpa syn. P. macrocarpa)

Angkol                                     (Eugenia formosa)

Angkol                                     (Euroschinus vieillardii)

Angok                                     (Didelotia africana)

Angonga                                  (Antrocaryon klaineanum)

Angonga                                  (Antrocaryon micraster)

Angouchi des sables                (Buchenavia capitata)

Angouma                                 (Pterocarpus indicus)

Angsoan                                  (Cassia javanica)

Angu                                       (Cynometra alexandri)

Angu                                       (Dipterocarpus basilanicus)

Angu                                       (Dipterocarpus borneensis)

Angu                                       (Dipterocarpus caudiferus)

Angu                                       (Dipterocarpus tonkinensis)

Angu                                       (Dipterocarpus warburgii)

Angu                                       (Pterocarpus marsupium)

Angu                                       (Pterocarpus vernalis)

Anguekong                              (Antrocaryon klaineanum)

Anguekong                              (Antrocaryon micraster)

Angueuk                                  (Ongokea gore)

Angélique blanc                                   (Dicorynia guianensis)

Angélique bâtárd                      (Dicorynia guianensis)

Angélique gris                          (Dicorynia guianensis)

Angélique rouge                       (Dicorynia guianensis)

Aniba rosewood                                   (Aniba duckei)

Aniegre                                    (Aningeria altissima)

Aniegre                                    (Aningeria dombeyi)

Aniegre                                    (Aningeria robusta)

Anime                                      (Protium decandrum)

Anime                                      (Protium paraense)

Anime                                      (Protium sagotianum)

Aninapla                                  (Albizia procera)

Aningeria                                 (Aningeria altissima)

Aningeria                                 (Aningeria dombeyi)

Aningeria                                 (Aningeria robusta)

Aningeria blanc                        (Aningeria altissima)

Aningre                                    (Aningeria altissima)

Aningre                                    (Aningeria dombeyi)

Aningre                                    (Aningeria robusta)

Aningueri                                 (Chrysophyllum africanum syn. Gambeya africana)

Aningueri blanc                        (Aningeria dombeyi)

Aningueri blanc                        (Aningeria robusta)

Aningueri rouge                                    (Chrysophyllum africanum syn. Gambeya africana)

Aniouketi                                 (Pachypodanthium staudtii)

Anis                                         (Nothofagus sp.)

Anjalli                                      (Artocarpus hirsuta)

Anjili                                        (Artocarpus hirsuta)

Anokye                                    (Guibourtia ehie)

Anongo                                               (Turpinia ovalifolia)

Anonillo                                               (Didymopanax morototoni)

Anono                                     (Xanthophyllum excelsum)

Antang                                     (Canarium luzonicum)

Anteng                                     (Canarium luzonicum)

Antiaris                                    (Antiaris africana)

Antiaris                                    (Antiaris toxicaria)

Antilles, Abricot des                 (Mammea americana)

Antipolo                                   (Artocarpus hirsuta)

Antrocaryon                             (Antrocaryon micraster)

Antsoan                                   (Cassia javanica)

Anyan                                      (Cylicodiscus gabunensis)

Anzem                                     (Copaifera religiosa)

Anís, Aquacate de                    (Persea lingue)

Aoan                                       (Ficus eugeniodes)

Aoan                                       (Ficus watkinsiana)

Apa                                         (Afzelia africana)

Apa                                         (Afzelia bipindensis)

Apa                                         (Afzelia pachyloba)

Apa                                         (Afzelia quanzensis)

Apa                                         (Eperua falcata)

Apa                                         (Eperua grandiflora)

Apa apa                                   (Durio spp. and Neesia spp.)

Apa, Ama                                (Couma macrocarpa)

Apa, Apa                                 (Durio spp. and Neesia spp.)

Apamate                                  (Tabebuia rosea)

Apamate ocobo                                   (Tabebuia rosea)

Apapaye                                  (Turraeanthus africanus)

Apareiba                                  (Rhizophora mangle)

Apaya                                      (Turraeanthus africanus)

Apazeiro                                  (Eperua falcata)

Apazeiro                                  (Eperua grandiflora)

Apetou                                    (Lovoa klaineana)

Apitan                                      (Pygeum turnerianum)

Apitong                                               (Dipterocarpus basilanicus)

Apitong                                               (Dipterocarpus borneensis)

Apitong                                               (Dipterocarpus caudiferus)

Apitong                                               (Dipterocarpus grandiflorus)

Apitong                                               (Dipterocarpus tonkinensis)

Apitong                                               (Dipterocarpus warburgii)

Apitong, Basilan                       (Dipterocarpus basilanicus)

Apixuna                                   (Micropholis guianensis)

Apixuna                                   (Micropholis melinoniana)

Apnit                                       (Parashorea plicata)

Apopo                                     (Lovoa klaineana)

Apopo                                     (Lovoa trichiliodes)

Apostola                                  (Cassia javanica)

Apple                                      (Malus pumila)

Apple blossom cassia              (Cassia javanica)

Apple blossom senna               (Cassia javanica)

Apple, Crab                             (Malus pumila)

Apple, Hedge                           (Maclura pomifera)

Apple, Horse                            (Maclura pomifera)

Apple, Monkey                         (Licania macrophylla)

Apple, Monkey                         (Licania sparsipilis)

Apple, Variegated                    (Syzygium jambosoides)

Apricot                                    (Mammea americana)

Aprokuma                                (Antrocaryon klaineanum)

Aprokuma                                (Antrocaryon micraster)

Aprono                                    (Mansonia altissima)

Aptakas                                   (Calophyllum inophyllum)

Aquacate                                 (Persea lingue)

Aquacate de anís                     (Persea lingue)

Aquacatillo                               (Hieronyma alchorneoides)

Aquacatillo                               (Hieronyma laxiflora)

Aquacatillo                               (Persea lingue)

Aquacote climarrón                  (Persea lingue)

Ara, Bois                                 (Samanea pedicellaris)

Araba                                      (Ceiba pentandra)

Arabisco                                  (Jacaranda copaia)

Aracan                                     (Aspidosperma desmanthum)

Araguato                                  (Calycophyllum candidissimum)

Aramatta                                  (Diplotropis purpurea)

Arang, Kaya                             (Diospyros ebenaster)

Arang, Kaya                             (Diospyros inclusa)

Arang, Kaya                             (Diospyros melanoxylon)

Arang, Kaya                             (Diospyros mindanaensis)

Arang, Kaya                             (Diospyros pyrrhocarpa)

Aranga                                     (Homalium foetidum)

Arangen                                   (Aglaia gigantea)

Araracanga                              (Aspidosperma desmanthum)

Araracanga                              (Aspidosperma megalocarpum)

Ararauba                                  (Aspidosperma desmanthum)

Ararauba                                  (Aspidosperma megalocarpum)

Arare                                       (Triplochiton scleroxylon)

Arariba                                     (Sickingia salvadorense)

Arasaloe                                  (Genipa americana)

Arastioelan                               (Apeiba aspera)

Araucaria, Australian                 (Araucaria cunninghamii)

Araza puita                               (Psidium guajava)

Arbol de Indias                         (Aleurites moluccana)

Arbol de caucho                       (Hevea brasiliensis)

Arbol de las orejas                   (Enterolobium cyclocarpum)

Arbol de orejas                        (Enterolobium cyclocarpum)

Arbol del ajo                            (Cordia alliodora)

Arbol del diablo                                   (Hura crepitans)

Arborvitae                                (Thuja plicata)

Arborvitae, Eastern                   (Thuja occidentalis)

Arborvitae, Giant                      (Thuja plicata)

Arbre a pluie                            (Pithecellobium saman)

Arbre a pluie                            (Samanea saman)

Arbre au diable                         (Hura crepitans)

Arbre de Saint Jean                  (Didymopanax morototoni)

Arbuti tree                                (Arbutus menziesii)

Areeiro                                     (Hura crepitans)

Arenillo                                    (Andira inermis)

Arenillo                                    (Catostemma fragrans)

Arere                                       (Triplochiton scleroxylon)

Ariella                                      (Brachystegia zenkeri)

Arizona oak                              (Quercus alba)

Arizona white oak                     (Quercus alba)

Arjun                                        (Terminalia arjuna)

Arkansas oak                           (Quercus arkansana)

Arkansas water oak                  (Quercus arkansana)

Aroeira                                     (Astronium lecointei)

Aroeira-do-sertao                     (Astronium lecointei)

Aroeira-legitima                        (Astronium lecointei)

Aroieroa                                   (Astronium lecointei)

Aroma                                     (Albizia lebbeck)

Aromilla                                   (Terminalia amazonica)

Arracacho                                (Clarisia racemosa)

Arrida                                      (Campnosperma auriculata)

Arrida                                      (Campnosperma brevipetiolata)

Arriero                                     (Didymopanax morototoni)

Arupag                                    (Aglaia gigantea)

Asam                                       (Mangifera altissima)

Asam                                       (Mangifera indica)

Asan                                        (Celtis mildbraedii)

Asan                                       (Celtis soyauxii syn. C. zenkeri)

Asan                                        (Populus ciliata)

Asanfran                                  (Amphimas pterocarpioides)

Asapoko                                  (Pouteria izabalensis)

Asas                                        (Bridelia aubrevillei)

Asau                                        (Samanea pedicellaris)

Ash                                         (Fraxinus americana)

Ash                                         (Fraxinus excelsior)

Ash                                         (Fraxinus nigra)

Ash                                         (Fraxinus pennsylvanica)

Ash profunda, Water                (Fraxinus pennsylvanica)

Ash, American                          (Fraxinus americana)

Ash, American                          (Fraxinus pennsylvanica)

Ash, American black                 (Fraxinus nigra)

Ash, Basket                             (Fraxinus nigra)

Ash, Biltmore                           (Fraxinus americana)

Ash, Biltmore white                   (Fraxinus americana)

Ash, Black                               (Fraxinus nigra)

Ash, Brown                              (Fraxinus nigra)

Ash, Crows                              (Flindersia australis)

Ash, Darlington                        (Fraxinus pennsylvanica)

Ash, English                            (Fraxinus excelsior)

Ash, European                         (Fraxinus excelsior)

Ash, French                             (Fraxinus excelsior)

Ash, Green                               (Fraxinus pennsylvanica)

Ash, Hoop                               (Celtis occidentalis)

Ash, Hoop                               (Fraxinus nigra)

Ash, Italian olive                       (Fraxinus excelsior)

Ash, Japanese                         (Fraxinus mandshurica)

Ash, Northern silver                  (Flindersia pubescens)

Ash, Olive                                (Fraxinus excelsior)

Ash, Oregon                            (Fraxinus latifolia)

Ash, Polish                              (Fraxinus excelsior)

Ash, Prickly                             (Zanthoxylum flavum)

Ash, Pumpkin                          (Fraxinus pennsylvanica)

Ash, Red                                 (Fraxinus pennsylvanica)

Ash, Silver                               (Flindersia pubescens)

Ash, Slavonian                         (Fraxinus excelsior)

Ash, Swamp                            (Fraxinus nigra)

Ash, Swamp                            (Fraxinus pennsylvanica)

Ash, Water                               (Fraxinus nigra)

Ash, White                               (Fraxinus americana)

Ash, White                               (Fraxinus pennsylvanica)

Ashleaf maple                          (Acer negundo)

Ask, Vanlig                              (Fraxinus excelsior)

Asomanini                                (Swartzia fistuloides)

Aspen                                      (Populus tremuloides)

Aspen, European                     (Populus tremula)

Aspen, Finnish                         (Populus tremula)

Aspen, French                          (Populus tremula)

Aspen, Quaking                                   (Populus tremuloides)

Aspen, Swedish                                   (Populus tremula)

Aspen, Trembling                     (Populus tremuloides)

Aspera, Mandioqueira               (Qualea paraensis)

Aspera, Mandioqueira               (Qualea rosea)

Assacu                                    (Hura crepitans)

Assam                                     (Uapaca heudelotii)

Assamela                                 (Pericopsis elata)

Assas                                      (Bridelia aubrevillei)

Assas                                      (Bridelia micrantha)

Asseng assie                           (Entandrophragma utile)

Assi                                         (Entandrophragma cylindricum)

Assi                                         (Entandrophragma utile)

Assia                                       (Dacryodes buettneri)

Assia                                       (Dacryodes le testui)

Assie sapelli                            (Entandrophragma cylindricum)

Assie, Asseng                          (Entandrophragma utile)

Assie, Atom                             (Entandrophragma candollei)

Assila                                      (Parinari holstii)

Assu, Caju                               (Anacardium excelsum)

Assu, Cuma                             (Couma macrocarpa)

Assú, Cumá                             (Couma macrocarpa)

Asta                                        (Oxandra lanceolata)

Astromelia                               (Lagerstroemia spp.)

Asumpa                                   (Anonidium mannii)

Ata ata                                     (Diospyros mindanaensis)

Ata, Ata                                               (Diospyros mindanaensis)

Ata, Curupay                            (Anadenanthera macrocarpa syn. P. macrocarpa)

Ata, Timbo y                            (Copaifera multijuga)

Ata, Timbo y                            (Prioria copaifera)

Ataa                                        (Pentaclethra macrophylla)

Ateje                                        (Cordia collococea)

Atereba                                               (Eschweilera sagotiana)

Atereba                                               (Eschweilera sp.)

Atgodon di Manila                    (Ceiba pentandra)

Athel                                        (Tamarix sp.)

Atiokouo                                  (Beilschmiedia mannii)

Atlantic white cedar                  (Chamaecyparis thyoides)

Atlantico, Caoba de                  (Swietenia macrophylla)

Atom assie                              (Entandrophragma candollei)

Atowa                                      (Pentaclethra macrophylla)

Atui                                         (Piptadeniastrum africanum)

Atzapolquahuitl                        (Pouteria pomifera)

Atzapotl                                   (Pouteria izabalensis)

Au                                           (Ficus eugeniodes)

Au                                           (Ficus watkinsiana)

Au diable, Arbre                                   (Hura crepitans)

Aukkyu                                    (Bischofia javanica)

Aune                                        (Alnus glutinosa)

Auon                                       (Ficus eugeniodes)

Auon                                       (Ficus watkinsiana)

Auroeira                                   (Chlorophora tinctoria)

Aus                                          (Manilkara bidentata)

Ausabo                                               (Manilkara bidentata)

Australian Blackbutt, Western    (Eucalyptus papuana)

Australian araucaria                  (Araucaria cunninghamii)

Australian beefwood                 (Casuarina equisetifolia)

Australian blackwoood             (Acacia melanoxylon)

Australian grey bastard box      (Eucalyptus hemiphloia)

Australian laurel                                    (Endiandra palmerstonii)

Australian maple                       (Flindersia australis)

Australian maple                       (Flindersia pimenteliana)

Australian maple                       (Flindersia pubescens)

Australian nothofagus               (Nothofagus cunninghamii)

Australian pine                         (Casuarina equisetifolia)

Australian red mahogany          (Eucalyptus resinifera)

Australian red-cedar                  (Cedrela toona syn. T. ciliata)

Australian silky-oak                  (Cardwellia sublimia)

Australian silky-oak                  (Grevillea robusta)

Australian walnut                      (Endiandra palmerstonii)

Australiano, Pino                      (Casuarina equisetifolia)

Ausus                                      (Excoecaria agallocha)

Avadibo                                   (Burkea africana)

Avellano                                  (Aleurites moluccana)

Avenbok                                  (Carpinus betulus)

Avichuri                                               (Brosimum utile)

Avichuri                                               (Couma macrocarpa)

Avinje                                      (Chlorophora tinctoria)

Avispillo                                  (Phoebe elongata)

Avispillo, Laurel                                   (Phoebe elongata)

Avodire                                               (Turraeanthus africanus)

Avoga                                     (Poga oleosa)

Awari                                       (Pterygota bequaertii)

Awari                                       (Pterygota macrocarpa)

Awong                                     (Swartzia fistuloides)

Awoung                                   (Millettia laurentii)

Awoura                                    (Julbernardia pellegriniana)

Awun                                       (Alstonia congensis)

Axlewood                                (Anogeissus latifolia)

Ayan                                        (Distemonanthus benthamianus)

Ayan movingui                         (Distemonanthus benthamianus)

Ayanran                                   (Distemonanthus benthamianus)

Ayas                                        (Excoecaria agallocha)

Aye                                         (Morus mesozygia)

Aye                                         (Sterculia rhinopetala)

Ayinre                                      (Albizia gummifera)

Ayni                                         (Artocarpus hirsuta)

Ayous                                      (Triplochiton scleroxylon)

Ayous, Samba ou                    (Triplochiton scleroxylon)

Ayui y                                      (Nectandra sp.)

Ayus                                        (Triplochiton scleroxylon)

Azobe                                      (Lophira alata)

Azucar huayo                           (Hymenaea courbaril)

Azucarero                                (Tetragastris altissima)

Azucarero                                (Tetragastris sp.)

Azucarero, Trementino              (Tetragastris altissima)

Azucarero, Trementino              (Tetragastris sp.)

Azucarito                                 (Protium decandrum)

Azucarito blanco                      (Tetragastris altissima)

Azufre                                      (Symphonia globulifera)

Azul, Jagua                              (Genipa americana)

Azul, Majagua                          (Hibiscus tiliaceus)

Azza                                        (Afzelia africana)

Azza                                        (Afzelia bipindensis)

Azza                                        (Afzelia pachyloba)

Azza                                      (Afzelia quanzensis)


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