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Performance-Based Assessment


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Meaning of term performance-based assessment :


Direct, systematic observation and rating of student performance of an educational objective, often an ongoing observation over a period of time, and typically involving the creation of products. The assessment may be a continuing interaction between teacher and student and should ideally be part of the learning process. The assessment should be a real-world performance with relevance to the student and learning community. Assessment of the performance is done using a rubric, or analytic scoring guide to aid in objectivity. Performance-based assessment is a test of the ability to apply knowledge in a real-life setting. Performance of exemplary tasks in the demonstration of intellectual ability. Evaluation of the product of a learning experience can also be used to evaluate the effectiveness of teaching methods. Stiggins defines performance-based assessment as the use of performance criteria to determine the degree to which a student has met an achievement target. Important elements of performance-based assessment include clear goals or performance criteria clearly articulated and communicated to the learner, the establishment of a sound sampling that clearly envisions the scope of an achievement target and the type of learning that is involved (use of problem-solving skills, knowledge acquisition, etc.) Attention to extraneous interference (cultural biases, language barriers, testing environment, tester biases) and establishment of a clear purpose for the data collected during the assessment before the assessment is undertaken, keeping in mind the needs of the groups involved (teachers, students, parents, etc.) (from an article by Richard J. Stiggins, "The Key to Unlocking High-Quality Performance Assessments." Assessment: How Do We Know What They Know? ASCD, 1992.


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Glossary of Educational Terms


Performance-Based Assessment


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Meaning and definition of term performance-based assessment


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Meaning and definition of term performance-based assessment