The Territory Prospers summary and notes




The Territory Prospers summary and notes


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The Territory Prospers summary and notes


The Territory Prospers


The railroad revolutionizes Transportation-


The railroad connected the east coast to the west coast. The people of Utah looked forward to the coming of the railroad. The Union Pacific started clearing land and laying tracks west from Omaha, Nebraska. The Central Pacific started working eastward from Sacramento, California. The Union Pacific hired thousands of immigrants from Ireland and the Central Pacific hired thousands of Chinese.


There were many dangers working on the railroad: 1) the hot desert sun, and 2) the cold winters in the mountains, and 3) accidents from dynamite to blast through the mountains.


Brigham Young contracted to help Central Pacific. Utah men earned money by cutting down trees and selling them to make railroad ties. Utah people sold grains, hay, potatoes, and meat to both railroads.


On May 10, 1869, the two railroads met at Promontory Summit, Utah.


The Railroad Changes Utah- the tracks came right to the mines loaded up the ore and then to towns, it became easier to ship ore to smelters. Smelters separated mineral from the dirt and rock and melted it into metal bars. Trains carried the large number of mineral to buyers outside Utah.


The Railroad brought many changes to Utah-

  1. End of long trek across by trains over the plain
  2. Better and cheaper goods
  3. Cheaper and faster mail services
  4. Help make mining become big business
  5. Put money into circulation
  6. Increased the population


Connecting Utah Towns- Utah Central Railroad was built from Ogden to Salt Lake City.


Corinne- the train city of Corinne became the Gentile Capitol of Utah.


Utah Black community had its beginning in Ogden. Ogden became a large livestock shipping center.


John Wesley Powell- explored the Green and Colorado River systems. Today Utah’s beautiful Lake Powell created by the Glen Canyon Dam on the Colorado River is named after him.


Settlements spread Out- new businesses and industry developed in Utah because of improved transportation. Vernal and the city of Moab, sprang up, (Bluff)

Religious Congregations Prospers


Reverend Lawrence Scalan- was the most well known name in the history of the Mormon Church in Utah. He developed schools, churches, hospitals, and missions. Father Scalan traveled on foot and horseback to larger towns and small mining towns holding mass and serving the needs of his people.


A huge achievement was the construction of the St. Mary Magdalene Cathedral. He is buried under the Cathedral today.


Territorial Schools- in 1847, the first schools in Utah opened. The first schools in Utah were LDS church schools. Students read and studied from the Bible and Book of Mormon. They also studied writing and arithmetic. The Presbyterian started 36 schools for younger children and four academies for older children. Most of the pupils were Mormon.


University of Deseret- was the first University in Utah established in 1850, but closed two years later for lack of funding. In 1867 the school reopened and it was renamed the University of Utah.


Electricity- the first public display of electric lights in Utah was the summer of 1880. In the spring of 1881 Salt Lake City Light, Heat and Power Company started providing service.


Utah mines were the first industries to convert to electricity.


Electric trains carried passengers to Salttair a popular amusement park on the shores of the Great Salt Lake, also to Lagoon.


Telephones- the first telephones were introduced in Utah in 1879. It caught on very slow. Most people that owned a phone didn’t know anyone else who had a phone. It took another thirty years before nearly all homes and businesses had phone service.


More minerals are discovered


The Tin tic mining district- near Eureka in 1870 has some of Utah’s richest discovery of gold, silver, copper, and zinc.


Frisco- west of Millard two prospectors from Nevada accidentally found silver ore.


Silver Reef- the mine yielded silver valued at over 10.5 million dollars. It is now a ghost town.


Thomas Kearns and David Keith- were partners and discovered a rich load of silver in Park City. They developed the Silver King mine. They brought the mine and organized the Silver King Mining Company.

The Silver Queen- a third Park City millionaire was Susanae Brands ford Emery Holmes. Her first husband was Richard Emery was a partner of the Silver King Mine, Thomas Kearn. She inherited his money after he died. She accumulated over $100 million dollars.


Indian Farm and reservations- early on Utah settlers had attempted to draw Indian people into agricultural settlements where they provided food, clothing, farming instructions, homes, and jobs.

The Indian farms were the first reservations. Today, the Navajo Reservation is the largest reservation in the United States.


Buffalo Soldiers- was regiment of black soldiers started coming to Fort Douglass. They guarded stage and railroad lines, opened and cleared roads and helped settle land disputes among settlers and Indians in the territory. One duty was to protect the trains and stagecoaches that carried money from the government.


Nicknamed “Buffalo Soldiers” because their black curly hair reminded the Utes, of the buffalo fur.


Robert Parker, known as Butch Cassidy was born in Beaver Utah, to Mormon immigrants. He is one of the famous outlaws of the west.


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The Territory Prospers summary and notes


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The Territory Prospers summary and notes


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The Territory Prospers summary and notes