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History timeline


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History timeline till 1917



Prehistoric Landmarks

2-2.5 million years ago-----------          More humanlike species with larger brain size in eastern Africa.
120,000 years ago-----------------          Arrival of Homo sapiens sapiens; later displacement of Neanderthals and other species across Asia and Europe from initial center in Africa.
25,000 BCE------------------------          Passage of people to the Americas via land link from Asia.
8000-5000 BCE-------------------           Further improvements in tool making; first development of agriculture; great expansion in human population.
4000-3500 BCE-------------------           Early use of bronze and copper tools.
1500 BCE--------------------------           Early use of iron tools and weapons.

River Valley Civilization

3500-2600 BCE-------------------           Sumerian kingdom, development of cuneiform writing; river valley civilizations also in Egypt and India.
1150-130 BCE---------------------          Books of the Jewish Old Testament written.

Classical Civilization

1029-258 BCE---------------------          China’s Zhou dynasty.
551-478 BCE----------------------           Confucius.
202-BCE-220 CE-----------------Han dynasty.

563-483 BCE----------------------           Gautama Buddha.
322-184 BCE----------------------           Mauryan dynasty.

Greece & Rome
800 BCE----------------------------          Rise of Greek city-states and economy; Homeric epics, Iliad and Odyssey; beginnings of Rome.
330 BCE----------------------------          Macedonian Empire; Alexander the Great.
27 BCE-----------------------------           Augustus Caesar; rise of Roman Empire; 476, fall of Rome.
313 CE------------------------------          Constantine adopts Christianity.

The Extension of Civilization

Middle East
570-632-----------------------------         Muhammad and the foundation of Islam.
750-1258---------------------------          Abbasid caliphate.

Western Europe
800-814-----------------------------         Charlemagne’s empire.

1350---------------------------------         Formation of Aztec Empire, height of Incan Empire.

Sub-Saharan Africa
1210-1400--------------------------         Empire of Mali.

East Asia
618-907-----------------------------         Tang dynasty.
1236-1258--------------------------         Mongol conquests in Middle East, Russia.
1279---------------------------------         Toppling of Sung dynasty by Kublai Khan and Mongols.

Byzantium & Eastern Europe:
1054---------------------------------         Schism between Eastern and Western Christianity.
1453---------------------------------         Turkish capture of Constantinople; end of Byzantine Empire.

The Early Modern World

East Asia
1405-1433--------------------------Great Chinese fleets.
1600-1868--------------------------Tokugawa shogunate.
1644-1912--------------------------Qing dynasty.

India and Southeast Asia
1498---------------------------------Vasco da Gama (Portugal) to India.
1526-1761--------------------------Mughal Empire.
1857---------------------------------Mughal decline; rise of Sikh state 1708 and states of southern India.
1744, 1756-1763------------------French –British wars in India.

Western Civilization
1517---------------------------------Luther’s 95 theses; beginning of Protestant Reformation.
1519-1521--------------------------Magellan’s expedition around the world.
17th Century------------------------Scientific Revolution; Galileo (1564-1642), Newton (1642-1727).
1688-1690-------------------------           Glorious Revolution in Britain, parliamentary regime; some religious toleration; political writing of John Locke.
18th Century------------------------Enlightenment; Voltaire (1694-1778).

Russia & Eastern Europe
1552-1556--------------------------Russian expansion in Central Asia, western Siberia.
1689-1725--------------------------Peter the Great and partial Westernization.

Middle East (Ottoman Empire)
1683---------------------------------Failure of Ottoman assault of Vienna.

Latin America
1794---------------------------------Haitian uprising against France led by Toussaint L’ Ouverture; independence and end of slavery there.

The World in the First Industrial Century

Western Civilization
1770--------------------------------Invention of the steam engine by Watt; Industrial Revolution begins.
1775-1783-------------------------American Revolution.
1789-1799-------------------------French Revolution.
1848--------------------------------Writings of Karl Marx.
1864-1871-------------------------German Unification.
1871-1914-------------------------Highpoint of Western imperialism.
1914-1918-------------------------World War I.

East Asia
1839-1842-------------------------Opium Wars in China.
1853--------------------------------Perry Expedition.
1868-1912-------------------------Meiji period in Japan.
1894-1895------------------------- Sino-Japanese War.
1904-1905------------------------- Russo-Japanese War.
1911-------------------------------- Chinese Revolution.

Middle East
1798-------------------------------- Napoleon’s Egyptian expedition.
1830-------------------------------- First Ottoman reform efforts.

Latin America
1808-------------------------------- Growing commercialization of Latin American economy.
1910----------------------------- ---Beginning of Mexican Revolution.

Sub-Saharan Africa
1807-1834------------------------ -Abolition of Atlantic slave trade.
1814----------------------------- ---Acquistion by British of Dutch South Africa.
1870------------------------------- -Rapid European Imperialist Gains.

India and Southeast Asia
1885-------------------------------- Formation of Indian National Congress.

Russia and Eastern Europe
1854-1856------------------------- Crimean War.
1861-------------------------------- Russian emancipation of serfs.
1884--------------------------------           Beginnings of Russian industrialization; Sergei Witte leading minister; completion of the trans-Siberian railway.
1917--------------------------------Russian Revolution; abolition of the tsarist regime; Bolshevik victory.


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History timeline


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