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Medicine and anatomy


Human Body terms :

Articulated: Jointed or joined in sections, as in the human skeleton.

Ball-and-socket joint: A place where the rounded end of one bone fits into

the cup of another bone. Ball-and-socket joints allow movement in two

directions, in addition to rotation.

Bones: The individual parts of the skeleton.

Cartilage: The smooth, flexible material that connects some bones and

provides shape for some body parts.

Compensate: To do something another way.

Contract: To become smaller or shorter in length.

Coordination: When all parts work together to complete a task.

Exoskeleton: Any hard outer covering that protects or supports the body of

an animal.

Fracture: A break in something, especially a bone.

Gliding joint: A place where two bones meet, allowing limited movement in

two directions.

Hinge joint: A place where two bones meet, allowing movement in one


Immobilize: To prevent something from moving.

Joint: A place where two bones come together.

Ligament: Tissue that connects bone to bone. Ligaments often guide the

direction of tendons, especially in the wrist and hand.

Muscle: Tissue that can contract, producing movement.

Opposable thumb: A thumb positioned opposite the other fingers.

Organ: A structure of the body that performs a particular function.

Response: A reaction of a living thing to a stimulus.

FOSS Human Body Module Glossary, 2005 Edition

Response time: The length of time it takes for a person to respond to a


Skeleton: The hard inner framework of bones inside an animal that

provides shape, support, and protection.

Skull: The hollow case of the head made up of fused flat bones and

moveable jaw bones. The skull surrounds and protects the brain, inner ears,

and eyes.

Stimulus: Something that triggers (starts) a response. A stimulus is often

information received through the senses.

Suture: The joint or line formed by the closure of two skull bones.

Tendon: Ropelike tissue that connects muscle to bone.

Tissue: Any of a number of different kinds of materials that make up the

body, such as muscle, tendon, ligament, and bone.

Torso: The main part of the body, including shoulders, chest, abdomen, and




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