Trivia questions and answers for kids



Trivia questions and answers for kids


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Trivia questions and answers for kids


QUESTION :  Which composer wrote The Water Music?

   ANSWER :  Handel


   QUESTION :  What colour does acid turn Litmus paper?

   ANSWER :  Red


   QUESTION :  What's the largest Scandinavian country?

   ANSWER :  Sweden


   QUESTION :  What was Mickey Mouse's original name?

   ANSWER :  Mortimer Mouse


   QUESTION :  Which metal do you get from bauxite?

   ANSWER :  Aluminium


   QUESTION :  Which animal produces the biggest baby?

   ANSWER :  Blue Whale


   QUESTION :  In Pop music, which two herbs go with 'Parsley & Sage'?

   ANSWER :  Rosemary and Thyme - Scarborough fair


   QUESTION :  What was the name of the Benedictine monk who legend has it invented Champagne?

   ANSWER :  Dom Perignon


QUESTION :  Acid rain is composed mainly of the oxides of two elements. Give either.

   ANSWER :  Sulphur or Nitrogen


   QUESTION :  What sort of creature is a bustard?

   ANSWER :  A bird


   QUESTION :  What is calcium carbonate normally known as?

   ANSWER :  Chalk


   QUESTION :  Who commanded the Allied forces, which invaded Europe on D-Day?

   ANSWER :  Dwight Eisenhower


   QUESTION :  Who holds the record as being Britain's youngest ever Formula 1 Driver?

   ANSWER :  Jensen Button


   QUESTION :  What word do we use to describe the Asexual reproduction of a genetic carbon copy of an animal or plant?

   ANSWER :  Clone


   QUESTION :  Which chemical element has the shortest name - 3 letters?

   ANSWER :  Tin


   QUESTION :  What is the state capital of Alaska?

   ANSWER :  Juneau


   QUESTION :  How many holes are there in a ten pin bowling ball?

   ANSWER :  3


   QUESTION :  Which land did Puff The Magic Dragon live in?

   ANSWER :  Honalee


 QUESTION :  Which Spaniard is known for his hallucinatory paintings?

   ANSWER :  Salvadore Dali


   QUESTION :  In Basketball it’s called a Tip Off, in Football a Kick off what is it called in Ice Hockey?

   ANSWER :  Face off


   QUESTION :  In the USA what name was given to a seller of illegal alcohol?

   ANSWER :  Bootlegger


   QUESTION :  What word means gradually getting louder and louder?

   ANSWER :  Crescendo


   QUESTION :  Which country voted to keep the Queen in 1999?

   ANSWER :  Australia


   QUESTION :  Will Smith played the part of Steven Hiller in the film 'Independence Day'. What was his codename?

   ANSWER :  Eagle


   QUESTION :  Yale University is named after Mr. Yale. What nationality was he?

   ANSWER :  English - founded in 1701 as a collegiate school it was renamed Yale college in his honour in 1718 and renamed Yale University in 1887.


   QUESTION :  What does a soldier keep in a frog?

   ANSWER :  His bayonet


   QUESTION :  Constantino Rocca plays which sport?

   ANSWER :  Golf


   QUESTION :  In mythology what was minerva the Goddess of?

   ANSWER :  Wisdom


QUESTION :  Of whom did Adolf Hitler say, "He seemed such a nice old gentleman that I gave him my autograph as a souvenir"?

   ANSWER :  Neville Chamberlain


   QUESTION :  In the movies who plays the role of Harry Potter?

   ANSWER :  Daniel Radcliffe


   QUESTION :  Two main London railway stations have the word "Cross" in their names. Name both?

   ANSWER :  Kings cross and Charing cross


   QUESTION :  In the Hans Christian Andersen story, which little girl was found inside the petals of a flower?

   ANSWER :  Thumbelina


   QUESTION :  Which is the only US state to begin with the letter 'P'?

   ANSWER :  Pennsylvania


   QUESTION :  Which is the world’s oldest airline still using its original name?

   ANSWER :  KLM or Royal Dutch Airlines (Koninklijke Luchtvaart Maatschappij)


   QUESTION :  What is the correct name for a rabbit's tail?

   ANSWER :  Scut


   QUESTION :  What name is given to the negative electrode of an electrolytic cell?

   ANSWER :  Cathode


   QUESTION :  In 1996 what overtook Coca-Cola as being the most well known brand name in the world?

   ANSWER :  McDonalds


   QUESTION :  Who is the last English born manager to coach an FA Cup winning side?

   ANSWER :  Joe Royle (1995 - Everton 1 Man. Utd. 0)


QUESTION :  What is God called by the Islamic or Muslim faith?

   ANSWER :  Allah


   QUESTION :  Which spirit is the base for a Black Russian cocktail?

   ANSWER :  Vodka


   QUESTION :  In July 2003 Mark Rowe was disqualified at the open, who was his playing partner who was also disqualified?

   ANSWER :  Jesper Parnevik


   QUESTION :  What is the capital of Venezuela?

   ANSWER :  Caracus


   QUESTION :  Ron Dennis has been the manager for many years of the team behind which Formula One motor racing car?

   ANSWER :  McLaren


   QUESTION :  The neutered male of which animal is called 'a Barrow'?

   ANSWER :  Pig


   QUESTION :  In which film did Jim Carrey play the bank clerk Stanley Ipkiss?

   ANSWER :  The Mask


   QUESTION :  Which military dictator died on August 16th 2003 in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia at the age of 78?

   ANSWER :  Idi Amin Dada


   QUESTION :  Which country is home to Grolsch lager?

   ANSWER :  Holland (The Netherlands)


   QUESTION :  When was the last bare-knuckle fight in professional boxing?

   ANSWER :  It took place in 1889. John L(awrence) Sullivan –1858 to 1918 knocked out Jake Kilrain in 75 rounds.


 QUESTION :  What do Tony Blair and Lord John Russell, in 1848, have in common whilst holding the office of Prime Minister?

   ANSWER :  They fathered children


   QUESTION :  If you were playing darts and got a 'Shanghai' score of 72 with 3 darts which number have you scored on?

   ANSWER :  12


   QUESTION :  Which is the largest Fresh water lake in the world?

   ANSWER :  Superior


   QUESTION :  In motoring terms what does OHC stand for?

   ANSWER :  Overhead Camshaft


   QUESTION :  Name 3 James Bond films that have a one-word title.

   ANSWER :  "Goldfinger", "Thunderball", "Moonraker", "Octopussy" and "Goldeneye"


   QUESTION :  What is the name of the Russian stringed instrument with a triangular body?

   ANSWER :  Balalaika


   QUESTION :  Which musical instrument derived it name from the Italian words for soft and loud?

   ANSWER :  Piano or pianoforte


   QUESTION :  JRR Tolkien (1892-1973) wrote the Hobbit in 1937 for his children and Lord of the rings in 1954/55. Give me 2 of his first names.

   ANSWER :  John Ronald Reuel - 1892 to 1973


   QUESTION :  The Nuffield Radio Astronomy Laboratory is better known by which name?

   ANSWER :  Jodrell Bank


   QUESTION :  Which character had a valet called Kato?

   ANSWER :  Inspector Clousseau


QUESTION :  What is the title of the lowest order of the British nobility?

   ANSWER :  Baron/Baroness


   QUESTION :  What is the name of the process used for clarifying beer or wine?

   ANSWER :  Fining


   QUESTION :  The Blue Boy is a work by which artist?

   ANSWER :  Thomas Gainsborough


   QUESTION :  Who wrote Uncle Tom's Cabin?

   ANSWER :  Harriet Beecher Stowe


   QUESTION :  Who discovered the rabies vaccination?

   ANSWER :  Louis Pasteur (1885)


   QUESTION :  How many hearts does an octopus have?

   ANSWER :  3


   QUESTION :  Who plays Gabrielle Solis in Desperate Housewives?

   ANSWER :  Eva Longoria


   QUESTION :  Who is the Greek god of music?

   ANSWER :  Apollo


   QUESTION :  How many countries are still members of the British Commonwealth?

   ANSWER :  53


   QUESTION :  Who would be put into a panoptican?

   ANSWER :  Prisoners (it's a circular prison with a hollow core in which the guard sits)


QUESTION :  Who wrote the opera Madam Butterfly?

   ANSWER :  Puccini (1896)


   QUESTION :  In the TV comedy Dad's Army what is Captain Mainwaring's first name?

   ANSWER :  George


   QUESTION :  Pershore, Victoria and Washington are types of which fruit?

   ANSWER :  Plum


   QUESTION :  How many teeth does an elephant have?

   ANSWER :  4


   QUESTION :  Which US city hosted the 1985 Live Aid concert?

   ANSWER :  Philadelphia


   QUESTION :  Haptic relates to which of the five senses?

   ANSWER :  Touch


   QUESTION :  What is the second largest island in the world?

   ANSWER :  New Guinea (Greenland is the largest)


   QUESTION :  How many times in succession did Bjorn Borg win the Men's Tennis Singles at Wimbledon?

   ANSWER :  5


   QUESTION :  What type of animal is a Saki?

   ANSWER :  A monkey


   QUESTION :  The character Shylock appears in which Shakespeare play?

   ANSWER :  The Merchant Of Venice


 QUESTION :  If a creature is edentulous what has it not got?

   ANSWER :  Teeth


   QUESTION :  What were the eldest sons of the Kings of France called?

   ANSWER :  Dauphin


   QUESTION :  P&O, the shipping line, stands for what?

   ANSWER :  Peninsular and Oriental


   QUESTION :  What was Radar's surname in MASH?

   ANSWER :  O'Reilly


   QUESTION :  Who wrote the novel Dracula?

   ANSWER :  Bram Stoker


   QUESTION :  What is a baby seal called?

   ANSWER :  A pup


   QUESTION :  What is the Shaftesbury Memorial Fountain more popularly known as?

   ANSWER :  Eros


   QUESTION :  During which war was the Battle of Marne?

   ANSWER :  WW 1


   QUESTION :  In the human body what is Varicella commonly known as?

   ANSWER :  Chicken Pox


   QUESTION :  How many valves does a trumpet have?

   ANSWER :  3


 QUESTION :  Brock is a nickname for which animal?

   ANSWER :  A badger


   QUESTION :  What is the name of the RAF's aerobatics team?

   ANSWER :  Red Arrrows


   QUESTION :  What type of creature is an alewife?

   ANSWER :  A fish (of the herring family found off North America's Atlantic coast)


   QUESTION :  What is the metal or plastic end of a shoelace called?

   ANSWER :  An aglet


   QUESTION :  What was Lancelot Brown famous for designing?

   ANSWER :  Gardens (Answer : k.Answer :  Capability Brown)


   QUESTION :  Apart from London name one other city in Britain have an underground railway system?

   ANSWER :  Glasgow, Liverpool, Newcastle


   QUESTION :  What is the main vegetable ingredient in the dish Borsht?

   ANSWER :  Beetroot


   QUESTION :  How many players are there in an Australian Rules football team?

   ANSWER :  18


   QUESTION :  Who invented the lift/elevator in 1853?

   ANSWER :  Elisha Otis


   QUESTION :  At which ski resort would you see the Cresta Run?

   ANSWER :  St. Moritz


QUESTION :  What every-day item was named after Mrs Gamp in Charles Dickens' Martin Chuzzlewit?

   ANSWER :  the umbrella


   QUESTION :  Which footballer’s autobiography is titled The Good The Bad and the Bubbly?

   ANSWER :  George Best


   QUESTION :  In which ocean are the Canary Islands?

   ANSWER :  Atlantic


   QUESTION :  Which branch of Medicine is concerned with providing artificial limbs for the body?

   ANSWER :  Prosthetics


   QUESTION :  What is a person who shoes horses called?

   ANSWER :  Farrier


 QUESTION :  Which team was Liverpool playing in the 1985 European Cup Final when the Heysel stadium disaster happened, banning all English clubs from European Football for 6 years?

   ANSWER :  Juventus


   QUESTION :  In which film did Patrick Swayze play Johnny Castle?

   ANSWER :  Dirty dancing


   QUESTION :  In Iraq, what are the 2 main Muslim sects?

   ANSWER :  Sunni and Shiite


   QUESTION :  The phrase ‘mind your p’s and q’s’ originally meant to watch how much you had to drink, but what did the letters p & q stand for?

   ANSWER :  Pints & Quarts


   QUESTION :  In England, what is the Common name for the Central Criminal Court?

   ANSWER :  The Old Bailey


QUESTION :  The five D-Day Landing beaches were given code names. Give me any one.

   ANSWER :  Gold, Juno, Sword, Omaha, Utah.


   QUESTION :  What's the 2nd heaviest land Animal?

   ANSWER :  Rhinoceros (up to 5 tons, then hippo up to 3.2 tons)


   QUESTION :  In the famous Nintendo games, what is the name of Mario's brother?

   ANSWER :  Luigi


   QUESTION :  What is the antonym of the word synonym?

   ANSWER :  Antonym


   QUESTION :  Which animal’s milk is used to make authentic Italian mozzarella cheese?

   ANSWER :  Water buffalo


   QUESTION :  What does the musical term "Piano" mean?

   ANSWER :  To be played softly


   QUESTION :  For what was Operation Z the codename in World War II?

   ANSWER :  The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour


   QUESTION :  What units are used to measure sound intensity?

   ANSWER :  Decibels


   QUESTION :  What is the US equivalent of the S.ANSWER : S.?

   ANSWER :  Delta Force


   QUESTION :  Which expensive vinegar is aged in wooden barrels?

   ANSWER :  Balsamic


 QUESTION :  Who played Indiana Jones in the films?

   ANSWER :  Harrison Ford


   QUESTION :  Who changed his name from Gordon Sumner to top the charts?

   ANSWER :  Sting


   QUESTION :  Which comedian was born 'Maurice Cole'?

   ANSWER :  Kenny Everett


   QUESTION :  Which Welsh Island is also known as Ynys Mon?

   ANSWER :  Anglesey


   QUESTION :  In which country is Acapulco?

   ANSWER :  Mexico


   QUESTION :  How many humps does a Bactrian camel have?

   ANSWER :  2


   QUESTION :  Which footballer was also known as 'The Divine Ponytail'?

   ANSWER :  Roberto Baggio


   QUESTION :  What flavour is the liqueur Cointreau?

   ANSWER :  Orange


   QUESTION :  Which canal took 10 years to build and opened in 1869?

   ANSWER :  The Suez Canal


   QUESTION :  What is the process known as whereby plants make food using light?

   ANSWER :  Photosynthesis


QUESTION :  How is the number 14 written in Roman numerals?



   QUESTION :  Cross country skiing and rifle shooting make up which sport?

   ANSWER :  Biathlon


   QUESTION :  Who did Anthony Armstrong Jones marry in 1960?

   ANSWER :  Princess Margaret


   QUESTION :  Which planet is closest to the sun?

   ANSWER :  Mercury


   QUESTION :  Which Disney film features the song 'The Bear Necessities'?

   ANSWER :  The Jungle Book


   QUESTION :  What type of creature is a Guillemot?

   ANSWER :  A bird


   QUESTION :  Which glands produce white blood cells?

   ANSWER :  Lymph glands


   QUESTION :  Martin Fry and Mark White were members of which 1980's pop group?



   QUESTION :  What colour is a sari for a traditional Indian wedding?

   ANSWER :  Red


   QUESTION :  Before Winston Churchill went bald, what colour was his hair?

   ANSWER :  Red/Ginger


 QUESTION :  Cacti are native to which country?

   ANSWER :  Mexico


   QUESTION :  In the proverb, imitation is the sincerest form of what?

   ANSWER :  Flattery


   QUESTION :  What name is given to an angle greater than 90 degrees but less than 180 degrees?

   ANSWER :  Obtuse


   QUESTION :  How many red balls are on the table at the start of a frame of snooker?

   ANSWER :  15


   QUESTION :  What is the only English word anagram of 'wrong'?

   ANSWER :  Grown


   QUESTION :  According to the proverb, when should you not count your chickens?

   ANSWER :  Before they've hatched


   QUESTION :  Which Saint's Day is 17th March?

   ANSWER :  St. Patrick


   QUESTION :  What is a 'Spinney'?

   ANSWER :  A small wood or thicket with undergrowth


   QUESTION :  Which mobile phone company shares its name with a fruit (it's Australian)?

   ANSWER :  Orange


   QUESTION :  What is a young single Spanish lady called?

   ANSWER :  Senorita


 QUESTION :  Which soccer side had a hit with 'I'm forever blowing bubbles'?

   ANSWER :  West Ham United


   QUESTION :  A musical note is lowered by a 'flat', but what is it raised by?

   ANSWER :  Sharp


   QUESTION :  What cheese shares its name with an English Gorge?

   ANSWER :  Cheddar


   QUESTION :  Sardines and pilchards belong to which family of fish?

   ANSWER :  Herring


   QUESTION :  Who wrote the Marriage of Figaro?

   ANSWER :  Motzart


   QUESTION :  What is the highest mountain in the Alps?

   ANSWER :  Mont Blanc


   QUESTION :  Larry Holmes is famous for which sport?

   ANSWER :  Boxing


   QUESTION :  Whose catchphrase was 'Ooo you are awful but I like you'?

   ANSWER :  Dick Emery


   QUESTION :  In which continent is the world's largest glacier?

   ANSWER :  Antarctica


   QUESTION :  What is the name of a whale's breathing organ?

   ANSWER :  Lungs


QUESTION :  If you had one nickel, two dimes and a quarter, how much would you have in total?

   ANSWER :  50 cents


   QUESTION :  The Korean soup ‘Poshintang’ is a popular item on summertime menus. What is it made from?

   ANSWER :  Dogs


   QUESTION :  Scientists claim that every minute, about 900 million tons of what hits the earth?

   ANSWER :  Rain


   QUESTION :  In Australian slang, what is a 'Thunder Box'?

   ANSWER :  Toilet


   QUESTION :  Which armless statue was discovered by a peasant in 1829 on the Aegean island of Melos?

   ANSWER :  The Venus de Milo


   QUESTION :  Who played Mary in the Film 'There's Something About Mary'?

   ANSWER :  Cameron Diaz


   QUESTION :  What’s a young kangaroo called?

   ANSWER :  A joey


   QUESTION :  With which heavy metal band did Ozzy Osbourne come to fame?

   ANSWER :  Black Sabbath


   QUESTION :  Which 14th century poet wrote The Canterbury Tales?

   ANSWER :  Geoffrey Chaucer


   QUESTION :  Toronto is the capital of which Canadian province?

   ANSWER :  Ontario


QUESTION :  In Money for Nothing by Dire Straits, what sort of ovens did they sing about?

   ANSWER :  Microwave


   QUESTION :  In All The Presidents Men, Robert Redford and Dustin Hoffman play journalists investigating which break-in?

   ANSWER :  Watergate


   QUESTION :  How many members of Abba were Swedish?

   ANSWER :  3


   QUESTION :  Who was in both the 60s and 90s versions of The Thomas Crown Affair?

   ANSWER :  Faye Dunaway


   QUESTION :  In Norse mythology the Home of the Gods called is Asgard, what was the Hall of Hero’s called?

   ANSWER :  Valhalla


   QUESTION :  In which form of music might you hear a paper and comb or a washboard being played?

   ANSWER :  Skiffle


   QUESTION :  Which TV detective was wheelchair-bound?

   ANSWER :  Ironside


   QUESTION :  Which 20th century head of state survived the most assassination attempts?

   ANSWER :  Charles de Gaulle


   QUESTION :  What did Sherlock Holmes keep in the toe of a Persian slipper?

   ANSWER :  His tobacco


   QUESTION :  How is 12 months travelling at 186,000 miles per second better known?

   ANSWER :  One light year


QUESTION :  Which country produces 70% of the world's olive oil?

   ANSWER :  Greece


   QUESTION :  What is made with fermenting yeast and held in tanks for 2 months at 40 degrees?

   ANSWER :  Lager (accept beer at a pinch)


   QUESTION :  How many legs does every true insect have?

   ANSWER :  6


   QUESTION :  Which organ uses 25% of our oxygen supply?

   ANSWER :  Brain


   QUESTION :  What is the name of the dog in The Magic Roundabout?

   ANSWER :  Dougal


   QUESTION :  Who sculptured the famous statue of David, supposedly the perfect male body?

   ANSWER :  Michaelangelo


   QUESTION :  In Paris twelve Avenues meet at which famous landmark?

   ANSWER :  Arc de Triomph


   QUESTION :  Of Which Religion is the Elephant Headed Ganesh a major Figure?

   ANSWER :  Hindu


   QUESTION :  According to legend, who was the only person who looked at Lady Godiver as she rode naked through Coventry?

   ANSWER :  Peeping Tom


   QUESTION :  What do the languages of Arabic, Mandarin and Hebrew have in common?

   ANSWER :  Written right to left


QUESTION :  Which Lord of the Rings actor was dismayed to hear he had been cut from the final film?

   ANSWER :  Christopher Lee


   QUESTION :  What number shirt does David Beckham wear?

   ANSWER :  23


   QUESTION :  The song “I’ll be there for you” is the theme to which TV show?

   ANSWER :  Friends


   QUESTION :  What did the American settlers caller British troops during the War of Independence?

   ANSWER :  Redcoats


   QUESTION :  Who was the first pope?

   ANSWER :  St Peter


   QUESTION :  Where is 'Thatcher Day' celebrated on January 11th?

   ANSWER :  The Falkland Islands


   QUESTION :  Which is the World's most popular brand of cigarette?

   ANSWER :  Marlboro


   QUESTION :  According to the No1 hit by Kenny Rogers, what was the Christian name of the man considered to be the Coward of the County?

   ANSWER :  Tommy


   QUESTION :  What was the name of the restaurant chain opened by Bruce Willis, Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Swartzeneger?

   ANSWER :  Planet Hollywood


   QUESTION :  What is the name of Microsoft's free e-mail service?

   ANSWER :  Hotmail (not Outlook; that is software to collect any Email)


QUESTION :  How man hoops are there on a croquet pitch?

   ANSWER :  6


   QUESTION :  Where in London would you find Poet’s Corner?

   ANSWER :  Westminster Abbey


   QUESTION :  Which famous sportsman said "When you are as great as I am, it's hard to be humble"?

   ANSWER :  Muhammad Ali


   QUESTION :  The Bill Shankly stand can be found at which football club's ground?

   ANSWER :  Preston North End


   QUESTION :  What actor starred in the 1999 film The Green Mile?

   ANSWER :  Tom Hanks


   QUESTION :  A modern version of the ancient Roman festival of Hilaria still occurs in Britain and other countries today, what is it?

   ANSWER :  April Fools Day


   QUESTION :  Which European City has the highest mileage of Canals in the World?

   ANSWER :  Birmingham


   QUESTION :  China has won the Swaythling cup more times than any other country. In which sport is the Swaythling cup played for?

   ANSWER :  Table Tennis


   QUESTION :  Dr Bunsen Honeydew is a Character in which TV Show?

   ANSWER :  The Muppets


   QUESTION :  Who flew the LZ1 in July 1900?

   ANSWER :  Count Zeppelin


QUESTION :  Richard Nixon was the first President of the USA to resign; in which year?

   ANSWER :  1974


   QUESTION :  In which 1950's film, were some of the actors mistakenly wearing wristwatches?

   ANSWER :  Ben Hur


   QUESTION :  What did Albert Parkhouse invent that is one of the most stolen items from hotels?

   ANSWER :  Coat hanger


   QUESTION :  In the game of Scrabble, how many letters does each player start with?

   ANSWER :  7


   QUESTION :  What in Fairy Tales was the name of the Long Haired Beauty who was locked in a tower by a witch?

   ANSWER :  Rapunzel


   QUESTION :  What is a freshwater lobster called?

   ANSWER :  Crayfish - Crayfish live in freshwater rivers and streams in temperate climates


   QUESTION :  On a standard computer keyboard, which key is the largest?

   ANSWER :  The space bar.


   QUESTION :  On Film, how was the character Oswald Cobblepot played by Danny DeVito better known?

   ANSWER :  The Penguin in Batman


   QUESTION :  Which word beginning with "C" is the name given to the electronic line judge at Wimbledon

   ANSWER :  Cyclops


   QUESTION :  In which TV series did we meet The Phantom Raspberry Blower Of Old London Town?

   ANSWER :  The two Ronnies


 QUESTION :  Alice shrank after she drank from a Bottle that said what on the Label?

   ANSWER :  Drink me


   QUESTION :  Who was the President of Argentina when they invaded the Falkland Islands?

   ANSWER :  General Galtieri


   QUESTION :  Where is a fresco painted?

   ANSWER :  On a wall


   QUESTION :  Where in London would you find Speakers Corner?

   ANSWER :  Hyde park


   QUESTION :  Which word could mean either a piece of coal, a horse, a swan or a bread roll?

   ANSWER :  Cob


   QUESTION :  Who played the part of a flustered vicar in 4 Weddings and a Funeral?

   ANSWER :  Rowan Atkinson


   QUESTION :  Which river forms much of the border between England and Scotland?

   ANSWER :  Tweed


   QUESTION :  Which pop singer's real name is Eileen Regina Edwards?

   ANSWER :  Shania Twain


   QUESTION :  What word is used in international radio communications to denote the letter L?

   ANSWER :  Lima


   QUESTION :  Known in the USA as 'suspenders'; how do the British know them?

   ANSWER :  Braces



QUESTION :  What is a lexicon?

   ANSWER :  A dictionary


   QUESTION :  Who was the oldest member of the Beatles?

   ANSWER :  Ringo Starr


   QUESTION :  If I were a Rich Man, comes from which stage show?

   ANSWER :  Fiddler on the Roof


   QUESTION :  What's the Chemical symbol for Potassium?

   ANSWER :  K


   QUESTION :  Who played the part of Annie Porter in the 2 Speed films?

   ANSWER :  Sandra Bullock


   QUESTION :  What colour do you get if you mix blue and yellow paint?

   ANSWER :  Green


   QUESTION :  According to the title of the film, what sort of cowboys are Clint Eastwood, James Garner, Donald Sutherland and Tommy Lee Jones?

   ANSWER :  Space Cowboys


   QUESTION :  What is or was Breitling Orbiter 3?

   ANSWER :  The name of the balloon which circumnavigated the Earth in 1999


   QUESTION :  What is manufactured by (red) bone marrow? Yellow marrow is just fat.

   ANSWER :  Blood Cells - red, white and platelets (clotting agents


   QUESTION :  Which F1 Team made their Debut in Australia on March 3rd 2002?

   ANSWER :  Toyota


QUESTION :  In which European country is the city of Strasbourg?

   ANSWER :  France


   QUESTION :  What would you suffer from if you had dichromatic vision?

   ANSWER :  Colour Blindness


   QUESTION :  In which galaxy is the Earth?

   ANSWER :  The Milky Way


   QUESTION :  The middle five letters of a nine-letter word spell SHONE - what's the word?

   ANSWER :  dishonest


   QUESTION :  What are the main ingredients of Vichysoisse soup?

   ANSWER :  Potato and Leek


   QUESTION :  Which American car firm made the Corvette?

   ANSWER :  Chevrolet


   QUESTION :  What was the name of the ‘Dallas’ character played by actress Linda Gray?

   ANSWER :  Sue Ellen (Ewing)


   QUESTION :  The imprisonment of Nick Leeson followed the collapse of which bank?

   ANSWER :  Barings


   QUESTION :  What was the name of the Wing Commander who led the famous 617 Squadron of "Dam Busters" on May 16th 1943?

   ANSWER :  Guy Penrose Gibson. The squadron was formed in 1943 from aircrew within 5 Group Bomber Command and other squadrons under the command of Wing Commander Gibson, and was based initially at RAF Scampton in Lincolnshire.


QUESTION :  On which Island was Napoleon born?

   ANSWER :  Corsica


 QUESTION :  In the TV series 'Kung Fu' what name did the Buddhist priests give to Kwai Chang Caine?

   ANSWER :  Grasshopper


   QUESTION :  Sharon Stone uncrossed her legs to much ado in which film?

   ANSWER :  Basic Instict


   QUESTION :  Which magazine did Hugh Hefner found?

   ANSWER :  Playboy


   QUESTION :  Who defeated Oliver McCall in 1995 to become WBC Heavyweight champion?

   ANSWER :  Frank Bruno


   QUESTION :  What was Apollo 11's landing module called?

   ANSWER :  Eagle


   QUESTION :  What is the name of the flap of cartilage which prevents food from entering your windpipe?

   ANSWER :  Epiglottis


   QUESTION :  Who's 3rd law states that every action has an equal and opposite reaction?

   ANSWER :  Newton’s law of motion


   QUESTION :  Which sea lies between Italy and the former Yugoslavia

   ANSWER :  Adriatic


   QUESTION :  What is written in big letters on the back of a cricket test umpire’s shirt?

   ANSWER :  Fly Emirates


   QUESTION :  There were two authors of the 'Communist Manifesto', which was first published 1848? Karl MARX was one. Who was the other?

   ANSWER :  Friedrich Engels


 QUESTION :  Skeletor was who's arch enemy?

   ANSWER :  He Man


   QUESTION :  What speed were the 1st records played at

   ANSWER :  78 rpm


   QUESTION :  What was the name of the highly diluted rum that admiral Vernon ordered given to British sailors to reduce drunkenness?

   ANSWER :  Grog


   QUESTION :  What is a crapulous person full of?

   ANSWER :  Alcohol


   QUESTION :  Which small Norwegian town hosted the 1994 Winter Olympics?

   ANSWER :  Lillehammer


   QUESTION :  Which military base in North Kentucky holds the US Gold Reserves?

   ANSWER :  Fort Knox


   QUESTION :  Which trade would use a cambrel?

   ANSWER :  A Butcher (it's a butcher's block)


   QUESTION :  Before the terrorist attack how many stories high were the World Trade Centre’s twin towers?

   ANSWER :  110


   QUESTION :  Where is the only place that the American flag flies 24 hours a day - never raised, never lowered, and never saluted?

   ANSWER :  On the Moon


   QUESTION :  In the animated film Fantasia, who plays the part of the sorcerer’s apprentice?

   ANSWER :  Mickey Mouse


QUESTION :  Starry starry night are the opening words of a song dedicated to which artist?

   ANSWER :  Vincent Van Gogh


   QUESTION :  In golf what name is given to the number 10 Iron?

   ANSWER :  Pitching Wedge


   QUESTION :  Who played Sgt Bilko?

   ANSWER :  Phil Silvers


   QUESTION :  Which company's name is short for Durability, Reliability and excellence?

   ANSWER :  Durex


   QUESTION :  How is 120% expressed as a Fraction in lowest common denominator?

   ANSWER :  6/5


   QUESTION :  How many Catherine's did Henry VIII marry?

   ANSWER :  3 - Parr, Aragon & Howard


   QUESTION :  What name was given by the Christians to their Muslim enemies during the Middle Ages?

   ANSWER :  Saracens


   QUESTION :  What are the two main colours on Argentina's flag?

   ANSWER :  Blue/White (It also has a yellow sun in the middle known as the sun of May)


   QUESTION :  What is the name given to a triangle where all the sides are of different length?

   ANSWER :  Scalene


   QUESTION :  Seismograph

   ANSWER :  Seismograph


 QUESTION :  How many notes are there in a musical scale?

   ANSWER :  8


   QUESTION :  How many prime numbers are there between 10 and 20?

   ANSWER :  Four (11, 13, 17 and 19)


   QUESTION :  What was the call sign used by Tom Cruise in Top Gun?

   ANSWER :  Maverick


   QUESTION :  Theoretically, what is the minimum number of strokes a player needs to make to win a set at tennis?

   ANSWER :  12


   QUESTION :  What is Michael Jackson’s middle name?

   ANSWER :  Joseph


   QUESTION :  What is an assembly of Cardinals called?

   ANSWER :  Conclave


   QUESTION :  In which month is the French national holiday of Bastille Day?

   ANSWER :  July 14th (It commemorates the beginning of the French revolution in 1789).


   QUESTION :  What word is used to describe an angle between 90 and 180 degrees?

   ANSWER :  Obtuse


   QUESTION :  How many teeth should a normal healthy adult have?

   ANSWER :  32


   QUESTION :  Which club did Alex Ferguson leave to go to Manchester United?

   ANSWER :  Aberdeen (in November 1986)


QUESTION :  Which city is traditionally called the birthplace of Jazz?

   ANSWER :  New Orleans


   QUESTION :  Who was the leader of the Revolutionary Command Council of Libya?

   ANSWER :  Colonel Gadaffi


   QUESTION :  What word describes an objects ability to return to its original shape after being stretched or compressed?

   ANSWER :  Elasticity or Elastic constant


   QUESTION :  What's the name of the game played by Harry Potter and his team mates on broomsticks?

   ANSWER :  Quidditch


   QUESTION :  Which device measures the density of liquids?

   ANSWER :  Hydrometer


   QUESTION :  What is the name given to a succession of involuntary spasms of the diaphragm causing a characeristic sound?

   ANSWER :  Hiccup


   QUESTION :  A molecule of water contains how many atoms of Oxygen?

   ANSWER :  1


   QUESTION :  How many pedals does a Grand Piano have?

   ANSWER :  3


   QUESTION :  What is special about the feet of a 'Palmiped'?

   ANSWER :  Webbed


 QUESTION :  What is the next number in the sequence (1,1,2,3,5,8,)?

   ANSWER :  13 (Sum of previous 2 numbers)


   QUESTION :  Which are the only 2 countries with an X in their names?

   ANSWER :  Mexico/Luxembourg


   QUESTION :  Who is the scheming criminal genius, constantly foiled by superman?

   ANSWER :  Lex Luthur


   QUESTION :  In nature, the earth is composed of 3 main parts, the Crust, the mantle and what?

   ANSWER :  The Core


   QUESTION :  In a 1967 Walt Disney Film, by what other name was 'The man cub' known?

   ANSWER :  Mowgli - from the Jungle book written by Rudyard Kipling in 1894


   QUESTION :  In which City did George Harrison Die?

   ANSWER :  Los Angeles


   QUESTION :  What is the smallest living unit called?

   ANSWER :  A Cell


   QUESTION :  Gennifer Flowers claimed to have had a 12 year affair with whom?

   ANSWER :  Bill Clinton


   QUESTION :  What does the musical term Largo mean?

   ANSWER :  Slowly (& Stately)


   QUESTION :  In the animal kingdom, which large rodent is also known as the ‘Quill Pig’?

   ANSWER :  Porcupine


 QUESTION :  What is the state Capital of Colorado?

   ANSWER :  Denver


   QUESTION :  What is the name for a stationary electrical charge, which builds up on an insulated object?

   ANSWER :  Static


   QUESTION :  Mitch

   ANSWER :  What was the name of the ape in the children's TV series "Supercar"?


   QUESTION :  What Nationality was the Composer Joseph Brahms (1833-1897)?

   ANSWER :  German


   QUESTION :  What is the English Equivalent of Nom de Plume?

   ANSWER :  Pseudonym or Pen Name


   QUESTION :  What is the name given to the imaginary line of 180 degrees longitude?

   ANSWER :  International Date Line


   QUESTION :  Who Bills himself as the 'Worlds greatest Boxing Promoter'?

   ANSWER :  Don King


   QUESTION :  Which Roman general became Cleopatra's lover, and died just before her?

   ANSWER :  Mark Antony


   QUESTION :  What sort of food can be described as soft, semi-hard or hard?

   ANSWER :  Cheese


   QUESTION :  If the 2nd in line to the British Throne ever became Monarch , what title would they hold? i.e. King or Queen and what number?

   ANSWER :  King William V


  QUESTION :  The first Test match was played at Melbourne in March 1877 between England and AustraliAnswer :  The first Test in England was against Australia in September 1880 at the Oval. Which was the next country to play test cricket?

   ANSWER :  South Africa in 1889 then West Indies (1928), New Zealand (1930), India (1932), Pakistan (1952), Sri Lanka (1982), and Zimbabwe (1992).


   QUESTION :  What is a Marmoset?

   ANSWER :  A type of monkey


   QUESTION :  Princess Diana had a brother, Earl Spencer, what is his first name?

   ANSWER :  Charles


   QUESTION :  There are 3 types of adult honeybee, Queen and worker are two. What's the other?

   ANSWER :  Drone


   QUESTION :  All Time High by Rita Coolidge was the theme tune to which Bond film?

   ANSWER :  Octopussy


   QUESTION :  In Disney's Lion King who starts as King?

   ANSWER :  Mufasa


   QUESTION :  Mount Rushmore in America has 4 presidents heads carved into it. George Washington and Abraham Lincoln are two of them. Give me either of the other two.

   ANSWER :  Thomas Jefferson or Theodore Roosevelt


   QUESTION :  What is acclaimed to be the most ferocious fresh water fish?

   ANSWER :  Piranha


   QUESTION :  What are the three primary colours of light? (For pigments it’s Yellow not Green).

   ANSWER :  Red, Blue and Green. If light of these primary colours is added together in roughly equal intensities, the sensation of white light is produced.


   QUESTION :  Who served time in jail for the rape of Desiree Washington?

   ANSWER :  Mike Tyson


QUESTION :  Rumplestiltskin and Hansel and Gretl were written by who?

   ANSWER :  The brothers Grimm


   QUESTION :  What is the motto of the British SAS?

   ANSWER :  Who dares wins


   QUESTION :  What's the Capital city of the Philippines?

   ANSWER :  Manilla


   QUESTION :  Why was New Amsterdam renamed New York in 1664?

   ANSWER :  It changed from Dutch to British rule.


   QUESTION :  Who said, *If I have seen further than others it is because I have stood on the shoulders of giants*?

   ANSWER :  Sir Isaac Newton


   QUESTION :  In Bingo, which number is known as The Brighton Line?

   ANSWER :  59


   QUESTION :  How many old pennies are there in a guinea?

   ANSWER :  252


   QUESTION :  What are the young of Whales called?

   ANSWER :  Calves


   QUESTION :  What is the motto of the British SAS?

   ANSWER :  Who dares wins


   QUESTION :  Who was the 1st President of the fifth republic of France?

   ANSWER :  Charles Andre Jospeh Marie de Gaulle or General (Charles) de Gaulle


 QUESTION :  Who is the present Commander in Chief for the British Armed Forces?

   ANSWER :  The Queen


   QUESTION :  What is the medical term for German Measles?

   ANSWER :  Rubella


   QUESTION :  Which maritime measure of speed is equal to one nautical mile per hour?

   ANSWER :  Knot


   QUESTION :  Which branch of Medicine is concerned with providing artificial limbs for the body?

   ANSWER :  Prosthetics


   QUESTION :  What is (Sir) Paul McCartney's first name?

   ANSWER :  James


   QUESTION :  Which waterproof item of clothing was first manufactured by a Scotsman and named after him?

   ANSWER :  Mcintosh


   QUESTION :  Agatha Christie created Miss Marples. What is her 1st name?

   ANSWER :  Jane


   QUESTION :  What do you call somebody from Monaco?

   ANSWER :  Monagasque


   QUESTION :  How is Frances Gumm the actress better known?

   ANSWER :  Judy Garland


   QUESTION :  What kind of nut grows on an oak tree?

   ANSWER :  An Acorn


  QUESTION :  What creature is said to the have the most legs?

   ANSWER :  Millipede


   QUESTION :  What is the term for a group of whales?

   ANSWER :  Pod


   QUESTION :  What is the main crop of the Greek island of Corfu?

   ANSWER :  Olives


   QUESTION :  What name was given to the union (annexation) of Austria with Germany on March 14th 1938?

   ANSWER :  Anschluss


   QUESTION :  Poland's Stella Walsh (Stanislawa Walasiewicz) won the women's 100-meter race at the 1932 Olympics, becoming the first woman to break the 12-second barrier. When she was killed 48 years later in 1980,what happened?

   ANSWER :  A post mortem declared her to be a male.


   QUESTION :  What is another common name for the word Calligraphy?

   ANSWER :  Handwriting. The art of fine handwriting, in which the form of the letters is decorative or elaborate. The term is usually applied to writing done in ink, but can also refer to inscriptions in a cursive script on stone or engraved in metal.


   QUESTION :  On which card in a pack of playing cards is usually to be found the maker's mark and the copyright mark?

   ANSWER :  Ace of Spades


   QUESTION :  Whose wife would eat no lean?

   ANSWER :  Jack Spratt's


   QUESTION :  George Harrison Died in November 2001. What is the name of his wife?

   ANSWER :  Olivia


   QUESTION :  Who had Skytrain printed on the side of his aircraft?

   ANSWER :  Sir Freddy Laker


 QUESTION :  Which nuts are used to make marzipan?

   ANSWER :  Almonds


   QUESTION :  Who is Snoopy's bird friend in "Peanuts"?

   ANSWER :  Woodstock


   QUESTION :  When He Man wasn't He Man who was he?

   ANSWER :  Price Adam


   QUESTION :  How many milligrams are in one gram?

   ANSWER :  1000


   QUESTION :  Who wrote 'Lorna Doone'?

   ANSWER :  R(ichard) D(oddridge) Blackmore in 1869


   QUESTION :  What term is used for the result of multiplying two or more numbers?

   ANSWER :  Product


   QUESTION :  Brooches with raised cut out designs are called what?

   ANSWER :  Cameos. A hard stone on which a design is cut in relief: that is, raised above the surrounding surface.


   QUESTION :  Fidelio was the title of whose only Opera?

   ANSWER :  Beethoven


   QUESTION :  Which Knight of the round table found the Holy Grail?

   ANSWER :  Sir Galahad. According to tradition, the Grail was preserved by Joseph of Arimathea, who collected in it the blood from the body of the crucified Christ. In later legend, the Holy Grail and the leading role in the quest is assigned to Sir Galahad.


   QUESTION :  Who are the engine suppliers for the 'Williams' formula 1 team?



 QUESTION :  What is a Codicil?

   ANSWER :  An Appendix explaining, modifying or revoking a will, or part of it.


   QUESTION :  Which Latin word are the German 'Kaiser' and the Russian 'Tsar' derived from?

   ANSWER :  Caesar


   QUESTION :  Which England Cricketer was killed in a Car crash in 2002?

   ANSWER :  Ben Hollioak


   QUESTION :  What was the surname of the French brothers who founded a tyre company in 1888.

   ANSWER :  Michelin


   QUESTION :  What word beginning with "B" were the Russian revolutionaries who took their name from the Russian word for 'Majority'?

   ANSWER :  Bolsheviks


   QUESTION :  What name is given to the envelope of gases which surrounds the Earth or another celestial body?

   ANSWER :  Atmosphere


   QUESTION :  Which group, after the Beatles is the biggest selling group ever?

   ANSWER :  Led Zepplin


   QUESTION :  In America it is called a 'Billfold', what do we call it?

   ANSWER :  Wallet


   QUESTION :  Which is the largest Greek Island?

   ANSWER :  Crete


   QUESTION :  In the famous Nintendo games, what is the name of Mario's brother?

   ANSWER :  Luigi


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