The Mormon Belief




The Mormon Belief


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The Mormon Belief


All Mormons are called Saints.  Children become saints around the age of eight, when they are baptised by being totally immersed in water.  Young men and women spend 18 months to two years in missionary work.  Men and women are expected to become good husbands and wives when they marry.  The family is extremely important to the Mormons and every Monday night in Dublin, the whole Mormon family get together in their own homes to spend an evening together.  There are about 5 million Mormons in the world and each working adult gives one tenth of their income to the Church.




To the Mormons, Joseph Smith is their prophet, and so they have no doubt about what he said.  They believe that he rediscovered God’s plan for the human race which had been lost for centuries because of human foolishness.  Mormons believe that God’s plan for people is to work hard, to civilise the wilderness, and to prepare for the return of Jesus.  Mormons believe that God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit and Satan are physically real and that human beings actually look like God.   Humans are immortal souls and can obtain a place in the highest of several heavens if they do good with God’s gift of free will.


The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints


Because Mormons believe in the Book of Mormon, as well as the Bible, they have been nicknamed Mormons.  The more correct name for followers of this church is Latter-Day Saint.  The word ‘Saint’ as used here should not be confused with the meaning given to this word by other churches e.g. the Catholic Church.  The Mormons regard themselves as Saints only in the sense that they are believers in Jesus Christ and members of his Church.


Daily Life


Mormons do not drink alcohol, tea or coffee and they do not smoke but singing and dancing are encouraged since God created humans to be joyful.  Meetings for worship are simple in style and the main services are on Sunday.  Mormons usually fast on the first Sunday of every month.  At the Sunday meetings men and boys first come together to pray and sing and then they separate into different groups for more discussion and for Sunday School.  Women and girls meet separately from the men and they too separate into small groups after this initial meeting.


Baptism and the Dead


Mormons believe that it is possible to baptise their dead relatives and so allow them to enter heaven.  For this reason, Mormons trace back their ancestors all over the world as far into the past as they can go.  Records are kept of all these ancestors in enormous vaults in the Utah mountains, and are available to Mormons everywhere.


Women and Marriage


Women cannot become priests.  Marriage to a good Saint is the only way a woman can gain entry to the highest heaven.  Indeed, Mormons believe that no-one, man or woman, can enter heaven unless they are married.  Women must be obedient to their husbands and dress modestly.


Mormons believe that marriage is for eternity and that families reunite after death.  They also believe that there is a life in heaven before birth and so every married couple has a duty to produce as many children as possible in order to give earthly life to souls waiting in heaven to be born.  It is often believed that Mormon men have many wives.  This is not true any longer though in the past some men had more than one wife as a means of producing as many children as they could.


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The Mormon Belief


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The Mormon Belief


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The Mormon Belief