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The baha'i faith


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The baha'i faith


The Baha’i Belief



Baha’i’s believe that all religions are divine. They believe that a human being through whom God speaks is rare, so only the names of a few are known and that Baha’u’llah is the latest of such people to be born.


His mission was to bring peace to the world, uniting all races and religions.   He believed that people can learn about god through the founders of religions.  Baha’is believe that all religions are like chapters in a book.  There will be more chapters to come and another great prophet will be born in 1000 years.   In the Bah’ai view, each religion prepares the way for the next one, and religions find new ways of saying what the old ones taught.


Baha’u’llah helps people communicate with God and draw close to Him by leaving hundreds of prayers and meditations.  When a Baha’i looks for assistance, health or forgiveness he or she can turn to these writings.



  • The Nature of God


By studying the life and teachings of Moses, Christ, Baha’u’llah and other manifestations, people can learn that God is just, merciful, loving and wise.

It is difficult for a person to know God and the Baha’is believe that if a person works at overcoming ignorance and selfishness this can help towards learning more about God.


  • Oneness of a religion


The Baha’is believe that God has sent many teachers to all parts of the world.  There have been many such teachers and sometimes new religions have started e.g. Siddartha and Buddhism, Jesus, etc.  The important belief for Baha’is is that each of these messengers comes form God and that each one brings a particular message which is one that is suited to the time and place where the messenger is.


  • Duties of People


The Baha’is believe that they must obey the rules of the religion but it is important for them that this be done willingly and with a feeling of love.  They must not simply obey them out of duty or fear.



  • Independent Investigation of Truth


The Baha’is believe that in the past many people believed in something simply because their family, friends or religious leaders believed.  The Baha’is do not accept this and they consider that everyone should investigate truth for himself or herself.  When a person investigates religious truth for himself or herself then he or she can begin to see that the truth in their religion also appears in other great religions of the world.  The Baha’is believe that knowledge of this will help to unite people and that religious belief will no longer be the cause of disunity.


  • Sacrifice


The Baha’is believe that they should sacrifice their own beliefs for the good of another.  This is the way the Baha’is show their love and this, they believe, brings them closer to God.


  • Prayer and Meditation


The Baha’is pray through the writings of special people sent by God, or by talking to God in a personal way.  They also believe that they can pray through actions.  Baha’u’llah said that one’s whole life should be a beautiful prayer.


  • Work as Worship


The Baha’is believe that work and religion are not separate.  Everyone should work to the best of his or her ability and do this willingly.


  • Life after Death


When a person dies, the soul and body separates.  This is what the Baha’is believe and they consider that the soul lives on and continues to develop until it reaches the presence of God.


  • The Oneness of Mankind


The unity and oneness of mankind is the central point from which all other teachings of the Baha’i faith grows.   They believe that when unity comes about in the world, then poverty and hunger will go.





  • The Importance of the Family


Baha’u’llah says the family is the most basic unit – the building block of society.  Families form the foundation on which society is built.  The Baha’is believe that if families are not healthy, loving, unified and spiritual, society will not be healthy either.


  • Elimination of Prejudice


The Baha’is believe that prejudice is often the result of fear and ignorance.  Many people fear new or different people, ideas or customs.  They create walls to protect themselves and to keep the things they fear at a distance.  Unfortunately, these walls prevent them from experiencing much of the world’s beauty and richness and often cause injustice and oppression.


  • The agreement of Science and Religion


The Baha’is believe that religion and science are the two most powerful forces in human life.  They believe that both are approaches to finding truth and both are necessary for the progress of mankind.


  • World Peace


Baha’is work for world peace without becoming involved with political or social movements.


  • Universal Education


Baha’u’llah places great importance on learning.  He says that everyone – men and women, rich and poor – should receive an education.


  • The Equality of Men and Women


The Baha’is believe that men and women are equal, both have the same rights and responsibilities.  Both are requested to obey the laws, to practise the principles of Baha’u’llah and to develop themselves spiritually.






  • Universal Language


The Baha’is believe that one language must be invented or chosen from the existing languages and be taught in all schools of the world.  Each country  will keep it’s own language but will learn the new language as well.


The Nineteen Day Feast


There are now three and a half million Baha’is in the world.  They say either a short, medium or long prayer every day.  They do not take drugs or alcohol.  All Baha’is are considered teachers so there are no ministers or teachers.  A single life is not encouraged and marriage is seen as being very important.


The Baha’I Calendar


There are 19 months in the Baha’I calendar with each being 19 days long.  On the first day of the month there is a ’19 Day Feast’ when the local spiritual assembly consults with its community.


New Year – 21 March


Ridvan Festival is the celebration of the announcement of Baha’u’llah’s followers that they believed God spoke to them through him.


Places of Worship


A completed House of Worship must be nine-sided and domed, with its doors open to people of all races.  Chanting is allowed but no musical instruments.In Ireland the Baha’I community is too small to be able to afford to build such a place of worship.  They have converted a house for their use instead.




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The baha'i faith


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The baha'i faith