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Being unable to keep in mind the enormous amount of information, it is important to know where to find information when this serves.U.Eco 

Share your knowledge. It's a way to achieve immortality. by Dalai Lama



The texts on the site when not specifically mentioned are not any of them work owned by Larapedia.com but are the work and property of the authors who were clearly identifiable as indicated in the bottom or top of the texts.
Part of the teaching materials published on the site comes from the best international schools.
The texts before publication on the website were already present on the Internet and are spread freely (it seems without special constraints and seem to have been made available to the users of the site to disseminate large as possible), sometimes unfortunately we could not clearly identify the authors if you are the author of a text published on the site please inform us so that we can enter your information on the page or if you do not agree to the publication of the text after your order by e-mail, and after appropriate controls will be removed from site in the shortest time possible.
The convenience of the internet is that you can at any time ask, seek and find any information you need to know, to save you time for more rewarding activities we have done to select the most relevant content for us and explanatory from the Web for educational purposes, cognitive and informative, our goal is the progress of science and useful arts because we think they are very important for our country's social and cultural benefits of the free dissemination of useful information.
Our dream is to create a virtual knowledge sharing open to all, free where you can find several sources of knowledge, imagine a window to the world for all schools, teachers, students and ordinary people who want to share their knowledge with all doing so an act of "solidarity" with the 'humanity.
We know that even if the information from schools, teachers or other authoritative sources may sometimes also contain some inaccuracies, however we think that the democratic culture that is created by sharing the sources of knowledge is in any case a positive situation for the whole 'humanity .
When you can share your knowledge, did our grandparents, our parents, let's do it.


When you make a gesture of solidarity and charity, you will help others and yourself.
We know the difficulties that we are facing every day especially at this time, however, we think that sometimes the knowledge that they were useful to someone can give more strength to overcome the daily difficulties ..



“Power comes not from knowledge kept but from knowledge shared. A company’s values and reward systems should reflect that idea.”

Bill Gates

“Business @ The Speed of Thought” 1999.

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All the information are given for nonprofit educational purposes


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