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Biology/ 16 pages
Anatomy of the human body notes and summary
Biology carbohydrates, lipids and proteins notes and summary
Biology cell respiration
Biology cell theory summary and notes
Biology chemical elements and water summary and notes
Biology chromosomes, genes, alleles and mutations notes and summary
Biology digestion
Biology DNA structure and DNA replication
Biology enzymes
Biology evolution
Biology human impact
Biology photosynthesis summary
Biology species classification
Biology study guide summary
Glossary of terms for biology SL at GN
Microbiology microorganisms prokaryotes and viruses notes
Summaries/ 29 pages
Igneous Rocks
The Oceans and Atmosphere
A Farewell to Arms summary
A passage to india plot summary
A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man James Joyce summary
A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens summary
A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini summary
A Wrinkle in Time summary
Across Five Aprils by Irene Hunt summary
Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll summary
Animal Farm summary and analysis
Antigone summary
Beowulf summary
Brave new world summary
Cry the beloved country summary and analysis
Frankenstein Summary
George Orwell 1984 summary
Hamlet by William Shakespeare summary
Harry Potter by J. K. Rowling summary
Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad summary
Homer The Odyssey
Ivanhoe by Sir Walter Scott summary
Julius Caesar Shakespeare analysis
Les Miserables by Victor Hugo summary
Literature summary
Macbeth Plot Scene summary
Odyssey Plot Summary
Oedipus Rex summary
Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens summary
What_were_the_dinosaurs/ 1 pages
What were the dinosaurs
acronyms_meaning_and_definition_of/ 1 pages
Glossary of acronyms meaning and definition part a
animals_in_dreams_meaning/ 1 pages
Animals in dreams meaning and interpretation
ascii_table_printable/ 1 pages
Ascii table printable characters
bible/ 1 pages
The Book Of Joshua – Bible questions and answers for kids
botany/ 2 pages
Common and botanical names of common woods
Common and botanical names of common woods
business_glossary/ 1 pages
Business glossary
business_project_management_glossary/ 1 pages
Business Project Management Glossary
chemistry/ 10 pages
Biochemistry study guide
Acids, bases and metals study guide
Balancing redox reactions in acid solution
Carbon compounds definition and study guide
Chemical equilibria
Naming inorganic compounds
Substances and mixtures meaning and definition study guide
The Bunsen Burner
The molarity or molar concentration
Writing a chemical formulae
computer_science/ 7 pages
Data File Handling C++
Database Notes
Internet and related terminology meaning
Network definitions meaning
Notes for computer science C++
Notes on constructor and destructor C++
What's a wiki? Information about meaning of wiki and how to use wiki
definition_and_meaning_of/ 1 pages
Meaning and definition of
dictionary_of_food_and_cooking_terms_english_spanish/ 1 pages
Dictionary of food and cooking terms english spanish
dictionary_technology_terms_multilingual/ 1 pages
Dictionary of technology terms how to say in
dictionary_volleyball_terms_multilingual/ 1 pages
Dictionary of valleyball terms multilingual
dream_interpretation/ 1 pages
Christian dreams interpretation
dreams_meaning_and_interpretation/ 1 pages
Dream meaning and interpretation
dyslexia_what_is_it_definition_characteristics/ 1 pages
Dyslexia what is it , definition characteristics symptoms resources education. Dyslexia at school.
ecology/ 1 pages
Predator – Prey Relationship
educational_topics/ 1 pages
How to say hello in different languages list for kids
engineering_and_tecnology/ 2 pages
Basic technical mechanical drawing notes and tutorial
Electrical Measurements introduction
engineering_design_glossary/ 1 pages
Engineering design glossary
engineering_laboratory_instruments/ 2 pages
Laboratory Instruments
Measurements in electric circuits done with multimeter
english_idioms_sayings_meaning/ 1 pages
English idioms sayings meaning and definition
geography/ 24 pages
Air Pressure, Winds, El Nino summary and notes
Climate Change summary and notes
Early History of the Solar System and the Earth summary and notes
Earthquakes notes
Ecological Terms and Concepts meaning and definition
Evolutionary History of the Solar System and the Earth
Geography tropical rainforest tropical savana grasslands meaning definition and explanation
Glaciers and Glaciation summary and notes
Moisture, Stability, Precipitation and the Ozone Hole summary and notes
Physical Geography summary
Seasons and Climate summary and notes
Solid Earth summary and notes
The Atmosphere summary and notes
The Czech Republic
The United States of America
Tsunami notes
Verona history
Volcanoes and Other Igneous Activity summary
Water Cycle or Hydrologic Cycles meaning
Greece Hellenic Republic
glossary/ 1 pages
Glossary of literary terms
glossary_arts_terms/ 2 pages
Glossary of Art Movements
Glossary of arts terms meaning and definition
glossary_for_history_of_Islamic_art_and_architecture/ 1 pages
Glossary of terms for history Islamic art and architecture meaning
glossary_geography_and_geology_terms/ 1 pages
Glossary of geography and geology terms meaning and definition
glossary_internet_literacy/ 1 pages
Glossary of internet literacy terms meaning
glossary_of_acronyms_computer_information_technology/ 1 pages
Glossary of acronyms abbreviations definitions meaning in computer information technology
glossary_of_agricolture/ 1 pages
Glossary of agricolture terms meaning
glossary_of_animals_terms/ 1 pages
Glossary of animals terms meaning
glossary_of_architectural_terms/ 1 pages
Glossary of architectural terms meaning and definition
glossary_of_automotive_terms/ 1 pages
Glossary of automotive terms meaning
glossary_of_aviation_terms/ 1 pages
Glossary of aviation terms meaning and definition
glossary_of_banking_and_financial_markets_terms/ 1 pages
Glossary economics of money banking and financial markets terms meaning and definition
glossary_of_basic_energy_terms/ 1 pages
Glossary of basic energy terms meaning and definition
glossary_of_basic_english_terms/ 1 pages
Basic english terms definition and meaning
glossary_of_biology_terms/ 1 pages
Glossary of biology terms meaning and definition
glossary_of_botany_terms/ 1 pages
Glossary of botany terms meaning and definition
glossary_of_building_and_construction_terms/ 1 pages
Glossary of building and construction terms meaning and definition
glossary_of_business_and_production_terms/ 1 pages
Glossary of business and production terms meaning and definitions
glossary_of_business_management_terms/ 1 pages
Glossary of business management terms meaning and definition
glossary_of_catering_industry_food_service_terms/ 1 pages
Glossary of catering industry food service terms meaning
glossary_of_catholic_terms_and_concepts/ 1 pages
Glossary of catholic terms and concepts meaning
glossary_of_chemistry_terms/ 1 pages
Glossary of chemistry terms meaning and definition
glossary_of_coffee_terms/ 1 pages
Glossary of coffee terms meaning and definition
glossary_of_computer_application_terms/ 1 pages
Glossary of computer application terms meaning and definition
glossary_of_computer_terms/ 1 pages
Glossary of computer terms meaning and definition
glossary_of_construction_architecture_terms/ 1 pages
Glossary of construction and architecture terms meaning
glossary_of_construction_industry_terms/ 1 pages
Glossary of construction industry terms meaning and definition
glossary_of_construction_terms/ 1 pages
Glossary of construction terms
glossary_of_culinary_terms/ 1 pages
Glossary of culinary terms definition and meaning
glossary_of_dental_terms/ 1 pages
Glossary meaning of dental terms
glossary_of_digital_photography_terms/ 1 pages
Glossary of digital photography terms meaning
glossary_of_dinosaurs_terms/ 2 pages
Glossary of dinosaurs terms meaning
Which period - geologic era did the dinosaurs live in
glossary_of_economics_terms_and_concepts/ 1 pages
Glossary of economics terms and concepts meaning
glossary_of_educational_terms/ 1 pages
Glossary of educational terms
glossary_of_electricity_electronics_engineering_terms/ 1 pages
Glossary of electricity electronics engineering terms meaning
glossary_of_electromechanics_engineering_terms/ 1 pages
Glossary of electromechanics engineering terms meaning and definition
glossary_of_engineering_and_design/ 1 pages
Glossary of engineering and design terms meaning
glossary_of_engineering_and_technical_terms/ 1 pages
Glossary of engineering and technical terms meaning and definition
glossary_of_english_and_italian_medical_terms/ 1 pages
Glossary of english and italian medical terms meaning and definition
glossary_of_enterprise_risk_management_terms/ 1 pages
glossary_of_fashion_industry_terms/ 1 pages
Glossary of fashion industry terms meaning
glossary_of_fashion_marketing_terms/ 1 pages
Glossary of fashion marketing terms meaning and definition
glossary_of_fencing_terms/ 1 pages
Glossary of fencing terms meaning and definition
glossary_of_film_terms/ 1 pages
Glossary of film terms meaning
glossary_of_finance_terms/ 1 pages
Glossary of finance terms meaning and definition
glossary_of_food_technology_terms/ 1 pages
Glossary of food technology terms meaning
glossary_of_gas_power_cycles_terms/ 1 pages
Glossary of gas power cycles terms meaning
glossary_of_geologic_terms/ 1 pages
Glossary of geologic terms meaning and definition
glossary_of_geometry_terms/ 1 pages
Glossary of geometry terms definition and meaning
glossary_of_globalisation_terms/ 1 pages
Glossary of globalisation terms meaning and definition
glossary_of_hardware_computer_terms/ 1 pages
Glossary of computer hardware terms meaning and definition
glossary_of_health_and_physical_education_terms/ 1 pages
Glossary of health and physical education terms
glossary_of_health_and_wellness_terms/ 1 pages
Glossary of health and wellness meaning
glossary_of_hotel_terms/ 1 pages
Glossary of hotel terms
glossary_of_human_resource_terms/ 1 pages
Glossary of human resource terms meaning and definition
glossary_of_human_resources_terms/ 1 pages
Glossary of human resources terms meaning and definition
glossary_of_hydraulic_terms/ 1 pages
Glossary of hydraulic terms meaning and definition
glossary_of_insects_terms/ 1 pages
Glossary of insects terms meaning
glossary_of_internal_combustion_engine_terms/ 1 pages
Glossary of internal combustion engine terms meaning and definition
glossary_of_international_trade_terms/ 1 pages
Glossary of international trade terms meaning and definition
glossary_of_invertebrate_terms/ 1 pages
Glossary of terms about invertebrate meaning and definition
glossary_of_journalism_terms/ 1 pages
Glossary of journalism terms meaning
glossary_of_knowledge_terms/ 1 pages
Glossary of knowledge terms meaning and definition
glossary_of_lean_six_sigma_terms/ 1 pages
Glossary of lean six sigma terms meaning and definitions
glossary_of_learning_terms/ 1 pages
Glossary of learning terms meaning and definition
glossary_of_literacy_terms/ 1 pages
Glossary of literacy terms meaning
glossary_of_literary_and_rhetorical_terms/ 1 pages
Glossary of literary and rhetorical terms meaning and definition
glossary_of_literary_terms/ 1 pages
Glossary of literary terms meaning and definition
glossary_of_manufacturing_terms/ 1 pages
Glossary of manufacturing terms definition and meaning
glossary_of_marketing_terms/ 1 pages
Glossary of marketing terms meaning and definitions
glossary_of_materials_terms/ 1 pages
Glossary of materials terms meaning and definition
glossary_of_medical_terms/ 1 pages
Glossary of medical terms meaning and definition
glossary_of_metals_and_engineering_terms/ 1 pages
Glossary of metals and engineering terms meaning and definition
glossary_of_microbiology_terms/ 1 pages
Glossary of microbiology terms meaning and definition
glossary_of_music_listening_terms/ 1 pages
Glossary of music listening concepts and terms
glossary_of_music_terms/ 1 pages
Glossary of music terms meaning
glossary_of_natural_gas/ 1 pages
Glossary of meaning terms about natural gas
glossary_of_naval_terms_meaning/ 1 pages
Glossary of technical naval terms
glossary_of_orthopaedic_terms/ 1 pages
Glossary of orthopaedic terms meaning
glossary_of_photography_terms/ 1 pages
Glossary of photography terms meaning
glossary_of_physics_and_thermodynamics_terms/ 1 pages
Glossary of physics and thermodynamics terms meaning and definition
glossary_of_plants_terms/ 1 pages
Glossary of plants terms meaning and definition
glossary_of_plastics_design_for_environment_terms/ 1 pages
Glossary of plastics design for environment terms meaning
glossary_of_production_and_marketing_terms/ 1 pages
Glossary of production and marketing terms meaning and definition
glossary_of_quality_terms/ 1 pages
Glossary of quality terms meaning and definition
glossary_of_real_estate_terms/ 1 pages
Glossary of real estate terms meaning
glossary_of_restoration_terms/ 1 pages
Glossary of restoration terms meaning
glossary_of_safety_and_health_terms/ 1 pages
Glossary of safety and health terms
glossary_of_science_acronyms/ 1 pages
Glossary of acronyms abbreviations definitions meaning in science
glossary_of_science_terms/ 1 pages
Glossary of science terms meaning and definition
glossary_of_science_terms_for_kids/ 1 pages
Glossary of science terms for kids meaning and definition
glossary_of_soccer_terms/ 1 pages
Glossary of soccer terms meaning
glossary_of_social_sciences_terms/ 1 pages
Glossary of social sciences terms meaning and definition
glossary_of_spa_offering_terms/ 1 pages
Glossary of Spa offering terms meaning
glossary_of_steel_fitting_terms/ 1 pages
Glossary of steel fittings terms meaning and definition
glossary_of_structural_behaviour_terms/ 1 pages
Glossary of structural behaviour terms meaning and definition
glossary_of_technical_and_automotive_terms/ 1 pages
Glossary of technical and automotive terms meaning and definition
glossary_of_technical_drawing_terms/ 1 pages
Glossary of technical drawing terms meaning
glossary_of_technology_terms/ 1 pages
Glossary of technology terms meaning and definition
glossary_of_theatre_terms/ 1 pages
Glossary of theatre terms meaning
glossary_of_thermodynamics_terms/ 1 pages
Glossary of thermodynamics terms definition and meaning
glossary_of_tourism_hotel_catering_terms/ 1 pages
Glossary of tourism hotel catering terms meaning
glossary_of_veterinary_terms/ 1 pages
Glossary of veterinary terms meaning and definition
glossary_of_video_terms/ 1 pages
Glossary of video terms meaning
glossary_of_visual_arts_terms/ 1 pages
Glossary of visual arts terms meaning and definition
glossary_of_weather_terms/ 1 pages
Glossary of weather terms meaning
glossary_of_world_war_history_terms/ 1 pages
Glossary of world war one
glossary_plc_terms/ 1 pages
Glossary of plc terms meaning and definition
glossary_principles_of_engineering/ 1 pages
Glossary principles of engineering meaning
grammar/ 12 pages
English grammar notes
Grammar adjectives
Grammar adverbs
Grammar articles
Grammar conjunctions
Grammar interjections
Grammar most common english words antonyms
Grammar nouns
Grammar prepositions
Grammar pronouns
Grammar singular and plural
Grammar verbs
guides/ 1 pages
Birds guide south Africa
hindi/ 2 pages
Hindi alphabet
Hindi lessons
history/ 156 pages
Art of Pre-History summary
Dada and Surrealism summary and notes
Etruscan and Roman Art summary
Early Indigenous Art of the Americas summary
Neoclassicism and Romanticism summary and notes
Post-War Modernism summary and notes
Realism to Impressionism summary and notes
The Rococo summary and notes
A Brief History of Democracy
Absolutism and constitutionalism in western europe summary
Absolutism In France summary
Admiral Zheng He
Alexander the Great summary
Amerigo Vespucci
Ancient Chinese History summary
Ancient civilizations summaries
Ancient Egyptian Art summary
Ancient Greece and ancient Rome summary
Ancient mesopotamian civilizations summaries
Bartolome de las Casas
Bismarck and German Unification Summary
Books Summaries
Causes of the first world war long term causes summaries
China in Antiquity summary and notes
Chinese culture and power summary and notes
Chinese History
Chinua Achebe
Cold War summaries
Crisis and renaissance 1340 1500 summary
Christopher Columbus
Declaration of Independence
Early China summary
Earth History
Edward VI Protector Somerset
English Literature summary
Equiano Olaudah
Europe’s tumultuous 16th century summary
European Empires in the Americas (1500-1700) summary and notes
European History time line 1801 - 1900
Explorer biographies and summaries
Explorers reach the Americas summary and notes
Famous explorers
Ferdinand of Aragon and Isabella of Castille
Ferdinand Magellan
French Revolution and Napoleon summaries
Francisco Pizarro
From the Fall of Rome to the Renaissance summary
Garibaldi and Italian Unification 1859-71 summary and notes
Georgia history
German unification summary
Giovanni Verrazzano
Gothic Art summary
Hernan Cortes
Hernando De Soto
Henry VII of England
Henry VIII
History Notes 1642-1881
History of Great Britain summary
History of Japan summary
History summaries
Ideologies and upheavals summary
Imperialism summary and notes
India and the Indian Ocean Basin summary
Indian History summary
Industrial revolution summaries
Italian Fascism and Mussolini summaries
Jacques Cartier
Leonardo da Vinci
Literary Periods of British and American Literature
Making of the west chapter summaries
March on Rome summary and notes
Middle English literature
Old english poetry
Origins of the Cold War notes
Ottoman Empire summary and notes
Phillis Wheatley
Politics in the late 1400s to early 1600s
Prince Henry the Navigator
Ptolemy of Alexandria
Reform and renewal in the christian church summary
Renaissance period summary
Reunification and Renaissance in Chinese Civilization summary
Revolution and Reaction in Europe summary
Revolutions in Europe and Latin America summary and notes
Revolutions – Political Study Guide summary and notes
Rise of fascism summary and notes
Roman Art—The Republic summary
Roman empire history for kids summary and notes
Romanesque Art summary
Russia in 1900 summary and notes
Science and technology history timelines
Soviet Russia historiography summary and notes
Spanish history study guide
State building and the search for order in the 17th century summary
States and Societies of Sub-Saharan Africa summary
The Age of Jackson summary and notes
The Age of Nationalism summary
The Age of Nationalism and Imperialism summary and notes
The age of religious wars and european expansion summary
The American Indians summary and notes
The Ancient Civilization summary
The Carolingian World: Europe in the Early Middle Ages summary
The Catholic Monarchs
The Civil War summary
The East Asian World summary and notes
The Expansion of Europe in the 18th Century summary and notes
The Federalists Era summary and notes
The First Americans-Prehistory to 1492 summary and notes
The French revolution and Napoleon summary and notes
The french revolution summary of events
The Foundations of Christian Society in Western Europe summary
The legacy of Greece summary
The Glory of Rome summary and notes
The Literature of Sentiment and Sensibility
The Modern Period summary
The Neoclassical Period summary
The pax romana summary
The process of german unification summary and notes
The Reformation of the sixteenth century summary and notes
The Renaissance summaries
The Retreat from Empire summary
The revolution in energy and industry summary
The Revolutions of 1848 summaries
The rise of Rome summary
The Road to Revolution summary and notes
The role of the Archbishop of Canterbury
The Roman Empire summary
The Romantic Period summary
The Russian Revolution and Civil War summaries
The Second Empire until 1914 summary and notes
The Soviet Union after Lenin
The Territory Prospers summary and notes
The Texas Revolution
The Triple Alliance, 1882
The War of the Austrian Succession
The War of the League of Augsburg summary
The War of the Spanish Succession
The Victorian Period summary
The Weimar Republic 1919-1933 summary
The 13 English Colonies 1607-1733 summary and notes
Thirty years' war summary
Timeline of the Cold War
Toward a new world view summary
Unification of Italy summaries
United States history timeline study guide and summary
World Contacts before Columbus summary
World history notes and summaries
World War summary and notes
The norman conquest and feudalism
Revocation of the Edict of Nantes
The Romantic Spirit summary and notes
Elizabeth the Queen
Napoleon III
Revolutionary Events of 1789
history_biographies/ 1 pages
History biographies explorers and missionaries
history_glossary/ 1 pages
Glossary of history terms
history_in_short_events_and_terms/ 1 pages
History events and terms
history_romanticism/ 1 pages
history_study_guide/ 2 pages
World History Study Guide Early Modern Era, 1450 CE – 1750 CE
World History Study Guide Post-classical Period, 600 CE – 1450 CE
history_summaries_and_notes/ 15 pages
Revolutions and Imperialism study guide and summary
US colonial history study guide summary
US history 1877 - 1920 study guide extra notes
US history 1960 - 2003 study guide and summary notes
US history age of Jackson 1820-1850 study guide and summary
US history post-independence and critical period study guide and summary
A New Master: Philip II and the Rise of Macedon
A Revolution in Energy and Industry
Absolutism and the Baroque
Absolutism in Central and Eastern Europe to 1740
Aegean and Greek Civilization: A New Way of Thinking
America acquires an empire
American enters the Industrial Age, 1870s to early 1900s
American leads the second Industrial Revolution
history_the_aztecs/ 1 pages
The aztecs summary
how_to/ 1 pages
Useful Phrases for Discussion and Composition
how_to_open_files_with_extension/ 1 pages
How to open files with extension format
how_to_say/ 1 pages
How to say I Love You in
how_to_say_in_chinese_and_meaning/ 1 pages
Meaning of terms in english and how to say in chinese
how_to_say_in_french/ 1 pages
How to say in french
how_to_say_in_french_automotive_terms/ 1 pages
How to say in french automotive terms as :
how_to_say_in_french_technical_terms/ 3 pages
Meaning of technical terms in french, how to say in french
Meaning of technical terms in french, how to say in french
Meaning of technical terms in french, how to say in french
how_to_say_in_japanese/ 1 pages
How to say in japanese
how_to_say_in_russian_technical_terms/ 1 pages
How to say in russian technical terms
languages/ 3 pages
How to say in polish and what it means
How to say in polish and what it means
How to say in polish and what it means
learn_latin/ 1 pages
How to say in latin and english meaning of latin words
literature/ 1 pages
Periods of English literature
meaning_of/ 1 pages
Meaning of words
meaning_of_word/ 1 pages
English grammar for kids meaning of words
names_meaning_database/ 1 pages
Names meaning
names_meaning_database_india/ 1 pages
Indian names meaning
notes/ 3 pages
Introduction to Economics class notes
Absolutism in Western Europe: 1589-1715 notes
Life in the 18th Century notes
portals/ 50 pages
Alimentation and nutrition
Architecture notes summaries handout draft school study guide educational documents texts lessons
Art notes summaries handout draft school study guide educational documents texts lessons
Astrology and fantasy
Biology and genetics
Chemistry notes and summaries
Courses and guides
Culture general actuality
Dermatology and wellness
Dictionaries and glossaries
Economics and finance
Education and pediatrics
Engineering and technology
English grammar
Food and recipes
Geography and geology notes summaries handout draft school study guide educational documents texts lessons
History notes summaries handout draft school notes study guide
Informatics and computer
Jobs world
Leisure and DIY
Lessons for students
Literature, books reviews by famous authors, author biography's literature quotes summaries and notes
Philosophy notes summaries handout draft school study guide educational documents texts lessons
Photography and images
Physics notes summary exercises education experiments essays physics of fluids and solids
Psychology and psychoanalysis
Quiz questions and answers
Rights law, political science
History and literature summaries and reviews
Television and movies
Theater and communications
Travel and tourist guides
Useful documents
Utility and converters
Weather and meteorology
prefixes_suffixes_roots_meaning/ 1 pages
Prefixes suffixes and roots words meaning
questions_and_answers/ 1 pages
Questions and answers
questions_and_answers_general_knowledge/ 2 pages
General knowledge questions and answers
Trivia questions and answers for kids
study_guide/ 1 pages
Othello study guide questions and answers
what_does_it_mean/ 1 pages
What does it mean, meaning of some commonly used words
world_capital_cities/ 1 pages
World capital cities. What is the capital of ?